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WinFF – GUI for FFmpeg video file conversion.

Ciaran Moore - June 30, 2008

WinFF is a graphical user interface for the popular command line video converter FFmpeg.

This effectively is just a front-end interface to make working with FFmpeg for converting video formats a lot easier than typing in a bunch of command line information. It runs FFmpeg for you. So, you just select your files, and, it takes care of the rest.

WinFF doesn’t actually convert any video files. It just runs FFmpeg. So this means that it will convert any video file that FFmpeg is able to convert. Therefore, if FFmpeg won’t convert the file, then WinFF won’t either. But its likely that you’ll be able to convert your format with these tools unless its a rare format.

You simply choose your file and select the settings you want it to be converted into such as file format, bitrate, framerate etc. No external codecs are needed and it comes with a variety of presets to make things even easier. It even supports multithreading for dual processors.

A nice feature is the ability to work with multiple files, for example, to convert multiple files of various formats into the same format, all at once.

So if you need a free way to convert video files this is well worth checking out! Homepage here.

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