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O. James Samson - December 29, 2006

993142152-1.jpgIn need of something to help you handle your text messages with ease? Well I have a recommendation for you. It’s SMS-it.

SMS-it allows you to send a short message to a mobile phone using your computer. It supports Picture messages: Caller Group Graphic, Operator Logo, Ringtones, and FlashSMS.

It is so easy to send messages with SMS-it. Messages can be sent in different ways:

  • Through a modem, using a dial-up SMS center
  • Through the internet, using an account with an internet SMS center
  • Through a mobile phone attached to the computer (IE attached to the IR port).

One thing worthy of note though is that sending Picture messages, Caller Group Graphics, Operator Logos and Ringtones only work for Nokia phones. Most new phones can however now receive FlashSMS.

Want to give it a shot? CHECK IT OUT HERE!

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