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Screamer Radio – Free But Cool Internet Radio

O. James Samson - February 20, 2007

10546412676-1.jpgYou really need to check this out; Screamer radio!

Screamer Radio is a simple to use Internet radio player and recorder. Supported stream formats include Shoutcast/Icecast (mp3 and ogg) and Windows Media Audio.

Screamer radio is really a huge database of radio stations, you will enjoy the fact that you can easily record what you are listening to and even playback on multiple soundcards. One recording feature of this cool tool you will love is the Recording Buffer which allows you to start recording in the middle and still save the whole song.

The latest version, Screamer Radio 0.3.9 Build 20070217 Beta, which has just been recently released, has these changes:

  • Removed an unnecessary callback from BASS and improved recorder semaphore protection hopefully eliminating any potential deadlock bugs therein
  • Preset update notification added on manual update (silent on automatic)
  • Implemented basic proxy auth support

Want to check it out! IT’S FREE!!!! CLICK HERE or Go To for more info and download.

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