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NCN Messenger – a reliable messaging program

O. James Samson - October 15, 2007

There are a number of messaging programs in the world today and therefore it would be quite reasonably for someone to wonder why a new one would be worth anything different from any of the previous ones.   Well, NCN Messenger first of all is not a personal messaging program but rather is an internal messaging program that people can use for schools, workplaces and other group-orientated places where internal messaging might be necessary at certain times.   In this sense, it is an excellent program and NCN Messenger has all of the tools that a school or other group could need and also happens to be free; definitely a good deal.
In addition to being a reliable messaging program, NCN is also a program that has two different modes.  The TRUE mode is the mode that people will use most of the time and it is the mode that shows which computer the message actually came from.  If, however, people look for some more security and privacy then they can opt to use the GHOST mode which can actually result in a fake or an anonymous computer signature that is basically impossible to trace.   You can send a message to another computer and they can have no idea where it came from; pretty cool!
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