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YourView 1.0.1

Tilgore Kraut - November 27, 2007

Macintosh users can now make their video viewing experience be a bit different and a lot more interesting with YourView 1.0.1 software that also allows them to share the videos. The software can be used by anyone without any difficult as the options are easy to learn and operate. With the YourView 1.0.1software you can tag and navigate the videos in various ways.

Getting the software downloaded and installed would take just a few clicks. The screen of the program is good and pleasing but not flashy. You can create files and edit the videos according to your liking. You can make the videos more amazing by adding up different effects and making the video including the features from the options that you want to have.

The screen of the software shows the video on the upper left side so that you can know about the changes altogether. You can prepare demos or tutorials from the videos that you have taken. You can make the selection for the name, category and also set the start and end time. It also has the option for ratings and lead in, lead out option. The features as tutorials and icons are shown on the right side if the screen. You can select and deselect the selections made by you any time and put new changes to the video you’re making. The simple working features like ‘Remove’, ‘Apply’, ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’, etc are placed on the screen itself for your convenience. 

Video that is being made by you is compatible to be published at web and even you can share them with your family and friends. Even you can have those videos loaded on your iPhone and share it with anyone you want!

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