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My Pictures 3D

O. James Samson - January 15, 2008

One of the most interesting things about writing on free programs that are available is that you can actually take a look at these programs and see what motivates the people that make them.   In the case of VicMan Software, the creators of My Pictures 3D, the motivation was what was perceived as being a dull selection of screensavers that were available with the typical Windows system.   What started out as a screensaver quickly developed into so much more and the eventual result was released on January 4th and labelled as version 1.2 of My Pictures 3D.
What My Pictures 3D is, quite simply, is an online gallery.  This gallery is something similar to what you would see if you walked into a small art gallery near your house that regularly exhibited different works of painters in a single room. You get to walk around the room and look at different paintings and that is exactly what happens in this program as well. The only catch is that instead of paintings, what you will be looking at is different favourites from your particular photo album on your hard drive and in addition to being able to look at them through the use of the program, you can also set the program as your screensaver to have others look at them when your screensaver is on.   It is an absolutely spectacular program that is available for free online.
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