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Feed Submitter 2.0

Tilgore Kraut - February 7, 2008

Feed Submitter is a semi-automated blog promotion tool that helps increase traffic and RSS feed subscribers. The feed subscriber quickly submits your feed to 200 of the top blog and RSS feed directories.

Pros: The Feed Subscriber is a semi automated submission tool for blog and RSS feed directories. The application knows about 200 odd such directories and can submit to them automatically. The user need not hunt for such directories and submit manually one by one. It’s possible to submit multiple feeds at a time.

Many blog readers follow these directories to find what’s new in a specific keyword category. Besides the first visit, a majority of these readers subscribe to update feeds to follow a blog if they like it. That simply means repeat visitors or traffic. It is this traffic that is the basis of many a follow up activities. Without traffic none of those actions make sense. So, to increase the probabilities of more and more people visiting you virtual enterprise, you’ll need to get your content known widely. So submission to more directories that guide readers to blogs in specific niches is the starting point for many a venture.

To avoid the tedium of manually submitting details individually, the feed submitter does it automatically, with the option to do it manually still, if you prefer that. Any number of RSS feed submissions can be done with the application filling in the submission details automatically. The submitter has a up to date list of directories that number more than 200. Podcast or Videocast submissions also can be made optionally. The user interface is easy to use and easy to understand. No significant learning time is required.

Cons: Final effectiveness of any such tool is if traffic can be built up effectively. It’d depend on the popularity of the directories too. That will depend on other factors however, including quality of your blog of course. What can be assessed is whether submissions get done alright.

Overall a definite 4 star application.

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