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W.O.T. – Web of Trust – Safe surfing Firefox add-on

Ciaran Moore - January 26, 2009

W.O.T ( Web Of Trust) is a free add-on for Firefox. Its purpose is to let you know if you come across hyperlinks in your search results or webmail which may lead to potentially dangerous sites. These sites could install spyware/malware/adware/viruses or contain browser exploits, phishing attacks or fraudulent activities.

It works by adding a color coded “traffic light” next to hyperlinks, green indicates the link is safe, yellow warns you to be cautious, and red alerts you of potential dangers. It also provides an optional child safety rating.

W.O.T gets data from hundreds of sources, such as listings of fraudulent sites, as well as allowing user comments about sites.

It currently has almost 3 million users and ratings for over 20 million sites, so if you’re concerned with surfing online safely, it’s well worth checking out.

More info at the homepage here.

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2 Responses to “W.O.T. – Web of Trust – Safe surfing Firefox add-on”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Thank you, Ciaran, for recommending WOT to your readers. With the increase in rogue software, which puts you at risk of identity theft or financial fraud, WOT is an essential tool that you can add for a layered approach to online security. Plus it’s interesting to see reputation ratings of sites while you’re searching and surfing. WOT also works with Internet Explorer.

    Safe surfing,
    Web of Trust

  2. John Says:

    I think someone said they sell integrity. Some people like kids sell votes on websites for cash!

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