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Automate Your Typing With Quick-Type

O. James Samson - June 25, 2007

1134583972-1.jpgIf more often than not you type similar data day in day out, this software can help you reduce the effort and time spent on typing. Quick-Type automates your typing for you. You simply give Quick-Type all the common pieces of text you type, along with a keyword for each of them. Then whenever you type that keyword in future, it gets replaced with your text.

The only problem I have with this software is it that though it does a good job, I think it would fare better as freeware getting donations than expecting people to cough up $15 for this kind of  typing tool. Right now it’s a shareware, so a trial version is available for free, check it out, and be the judge of whether it’s worth your 15 bucks or not. But I must confess it does what the publisher claims.

Check it out at

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