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MDaemon Anti-Virus Server

O. James Samson - September 24, 2007

If you are looking for the solution to all of your messaging problems, MDaemon may be just right for you. MDaemon is a unique kind of mail server which also gives you the ability to scan for viruses and spam on your computer.

While most email clients have some sort of spam blocker, they are only updated once every couple months. MDaemon, on the other hand, offers the latest in anti-spam and anti-virus technology. Some of the latest fixes in the MDaemon programming include: updates to the spam list, simplified graphics, and improvements to the anti-spam technology, which now allows you to block PDF based files as well as regular spam mail. All of these updates have led to exceptionally good reviews in all areas of the program.

Aside from all the great features that come with the program, the price is also very important. Compared to other groupware programs, MDaemon costs much less. If this will be your first attempt at creating your own server, it is definitely worthwhile to get a less expensive program to begin with and work your way up. MDaemon is one of the best places to start.

One of the only real set backs to the MDaemon groupware is that it is a Windows only program. Granted, it does work on all Windows operating systems, new and old, it will not work on Mac, Linux or any other major operating system. This may or may not be a big deal depending on the type of computer you will be working with, but overall this is a small concern considering how common the Windows operating system is.

Ultimately, the MDaemon mail server is one of the greatest programs to hit the market. The cost of the program itself is a fraction of the cost of other popular servers, and the program still goes out of its way to give you top of the line protection against both viruses and spam mail. Despite the fact that this program is really only available for Windows operated computers, it is still a great deal, and if all of your computers work on Windows systems there is no need for concern. The best part of this program is all of the updates and fixes that have already been taken care of, and it is still early in the game for MDaemon. This program will be completely glitch free in the very near future, and then the only necessary updates will be to the spam list. This way you will never have to worry about the latest viruses getting through your main defense.

If you think MDaemon is the server for you, get your own download at and start messaging today.

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  1. Tanuja Says:

    Thank You! For providing me above information which is very informative for me and hope so for others too. It is very good that you have AV software with solution messaging problems. I also have AV software which also very helpful in preventing viruses and Trojan.


  2. Thomas Says:

    These days, it most appears there are more spoilt scanners than good. Wasting your heavy gained dollars on a fraudulent product isn’t the only thing you require to worry about. But from when I got, I am really happy. Thanks!

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