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PeaZip Compression Software

O. James Samson - September 26, 2007

PeaZip has recently released its newest version of compression software in both the standard and portable options. Designed to save you space and improve the performance of your computer, this handy new program allows you to compress, span, and encrypt almost any file.
As a utility program, PeaZip could not be more helpful. It does everything it says it does, and then some. First off, PeaZip supports most of the mainstream file types so you won’t have to search for multiple programs or a specific file type. Secondly, the latest version of the program has added a simpler toolbar to make the process of compression much easier. Lastly, since the functionality of the program is obviously not a problem, the designers have decided to allow you to change the skins and designs of your program while it is running. It’s just one more feature added to an already stellar program.
Beyond all of the great features this program has to offer in itself, there are also multiple versions and setup options which many other programs do not offer. You can purchase PeaZip for any Windows or Linux operating system. Then you can choose which kind of installation you wish, whether that be standard, portable, or RPM.
In any case, the program has earned very high ratings, and it is only getting better by the minute. To download your free version of PeaZip, check out:

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7 Responses to “PeaZip Compression Software”

  1. free software Says:

    PeaZip is a good choice for a compression software. Thank you for suggestion !

  2. murad Says:

    do you know how much i will be happy if you send to me all your product every day

  3. admin Says:

    Not a clue! :))

  4. Wasantha Says:

    Thanks for your information about PeaZip software and I would like to download free version and see how it works for me

  5. Aaed Kayal Says:

    Very Interesting , Nice Work , Peazip is a good choice

  6. Quiz Says:

    Peazip is a real good choice , worth it
    thank for the post , keep the good work

  7. Realizare site Says:

    I’ve tested PeaZip under Ubuntu OS and it’s work great. This compression software seems to better than a lot of competitors. Thank you for this software suggestion. 5 stars from 5 !

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