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Express Zip Free Mac Compression Software 2.08

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

As very large files, several documents and folders are not convenient for emailing or transferring through the web, it is recommended to compress them before transferring. To lend you a helping hand get along with Express Zip Free Mac Compression Software 2.08 and star compressing all files in most easy ways. The software designed for Mac users is a magnificent way for zipping as well as unzipping process. So use this tool and start compressing, extract zipped files or folder and manage them in a convenient way. Using the utility you can compress all the files be it large or small and save the memory space of the disk. The application can be installed and used seamlessly for carrying all space reduction activity on files.

Let’s now get along with the features of the application which we are sure that will intrigue you. The interface of the Express Zip Compression Software is intuitively designed and very easy to use, enabling you create zip files quickly. The speed at which it zips or unzips the files at a lightning speed and you can monitor the progress on the software. It supports large number of formats from where you can open or extract the archive formats like CAB, RAR, 7z, ISO, TAR and several others. With the utility editing or moving the contents as well as managing zip files is a very effective. To further secure the zipped files so that it doesn’t fall in wrong hands it aids in encrypting them, plus also it can unzip the encrypted files. Once you are done with the archiving, the facility of bringing them into CD and DVDs for keeping them as back up.

Effective drag-drop facility, splitting of zip archives, adaptable command line features and several other features are available with this tool.

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iZip 2.0 – Just Zip It

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Zipping any large file or compressing them is largely in function as it assists in transferring the files through the internet. Now requirement of a program to manage all kinds of zipping and unzipping process is highly necessary too. And for dealing with compressed files like TAR, RAR, ZIP, ZIPX etc. you would not find anything better than iZip 2.0 on your Mac. This powerful utility equipped with compression as well as encryption technology will help you to compress and secure all the files in best possible way. Added to that the utility comes for free enabling you to zip and unzip files for unlimited number of times. The features you will confront with the application are certainly remarkable giving you a great experience in working with zip files.

Interface of iZip looks really modern and at the same time is extremely user friendly that will definitely help you to operate the tool in most smooth way. The archive files can be easily handled and save all kinds of documents straightforwardly in zip file or drag-and-drop those fields between archives. With it you will be able to zip large collection of pictures, documents and even massive size movie files in just few clicks. Another major aspect is the security feature that comes along with this tool. iZip is equipped to encrypt files to 256-bit AES encryptions giving your zipped files a strong protections and help out in keeping all confidential documents safe from wrong people. Lastly the trouble you usually came across of uploading problems of Zipped files on emails will never be any issue again as it offers fast and effective files sharing service through

iZip need not to be flaunted more as the features it comes with has got enough to aid a terrific way in zipping or unzipping files in Mac.

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ZIP RAR ACE Password Recovery 2.20

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Compressing and archiving files provides you a greater flexibility in organizing your files and storing it for future retrieval. But the biggest advantage of using file compression programs is its security features. When you compress files, you can secure them by providing password to prohibit others from accessing important files contained in those zip files especially if it contains confidential data. But what if you’ve accidentally forgotten or lost your password and you need to retrieve your zip files badly? Don’t lose your hope yet as there is a software that you can use to recover your lost password.

This is a utility program that allows you to recover your lost password. The program was developed by
Keylack and the latest version released is ZIP RAR ACE Password Recovery 2.20. Unfortunately, the product is a commercial one with a price of $19.95, but trial software is available for free download (3.23 MB) to evaluate product’s performance before buying.

How the program works is a bit difficult to explain in layman’s terms, all I can say is that this software is perfect for those file compression savvy. But don’t worry if you’re not that knowledgeable in the complex tasks of encrypting zip files and recovery of passwords, as a help file is provided with FAQs. It has a bit of a complicated but still user friendly interface. File formats supported include zip files, latest version of RAR, and ACE files as these are the commonly used file formats for compression. Other features includes support for multiple algorithms for searching lost password like brute force, mask attack, dictionary attack and many more. Also, once your copy of this software is registered, you will receive unlimited updates of the product and upgrades free of charge. Lastly, the program also allows you to extract compressed files for supported file formats. Installing this software for a test drive is a good way to explore other features that are too detailed for this short review but may be important to you.

ZIP RAR ACE Password Recovery 2.20 is recommended for users who have a knowledge of encrypting compressed files and password retrieval, in which case the numerous features the program offers may be well worth your money.

Check it out or download the demo here:

Object Fix Zip

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Compressing and archiving files is common nowadays because it allows users to shrink large files and store them as a single file for future use. There is a lot of software available for compressing and archiving files some of them are commercial while other are for free. There are also a variety of compressed file formats but the more popular among them is the zip file. Though zip files allows you to store files for longer times, but unlike plain files, once zip files are damaged, accessing it can be very difficult, or worse impossible to retrieve.

Object Fix Zip is a utility program developed to cater to the need of reconstructing damaged zip files. Damage here include all the possible errors that might be encountered when dealing with zip files; corrupt zip files, broken zip files, or files that are downloaded partially. Object Fix Zip recovers such files by creating a new zip file when the program is attempting to retrieve the content of your damaged zip file. If your zip file happens to have a password, all you have to do is supply the password while the program attempts to recover the damaged file. However, it is important to take note that not all damaged zip files can be recovered so if it happens that your damaged zip file fails to be recovered after using Object Fix Zip, then most likely your file is now impossible to recover and a its a lesser possibility that the program performance is at fault.

Now going back, Object Fix Zip’s user interface looks like an installation wizard, with explanations regarding the function of the window are embedded within the window itself. You just need to press the next button to transfer to the next window and so on. Object Fix Zip works on multiple zip files all at once to save time when testing multiple files. Aside from testing damaged zip files and recover content of damaged zip files, the program can also perform task of extracting the content of any zip file. You’ve got an all-in-one package here.

This could be the software to try if you need to recover damaged zip files that contained important data. It runs only on Windows 32 bit platform (from Windows 95 and later) and available as freeware from

LC ISO Creator – Free ISO creation tool

Friday, June 27th, 2008

LC ISO Creator is a freeware tool for creating ISO disk images.

First of all, if you need an explanation of what an ISO image is, well it could be described as something like a zipped archive file that contains all that you have on a CD or DVD, so it’s can come in handy for backing up your CD/DVD media. You can find a more detailed explanation here.

It’s basically a single file that is an exact copy of your disc. This can be kept as a backup of the disc. It can also be mounted and ran as a virtual disc using programs such as one I previously reviewed here.

LC ISO Creator downloads as an exe file, and it requires no installation. You just run the file, and it scans your computer for optical drives. Then insert the disc you wish to make an image of, choose the appropriate drive, and choose ‘create iso’. You’ll be asked to choose an output file location to create the newly created ISO. It’s as simple as that really, does one thing simply and does it well!

Think this could be useful for you? You can download it here.

Youconvertit – online file conversion

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Sooner or later a time comes when most of us need to convert a file between formats for one reason or another, usually because your particular program doesn’t support a particular format. Rather than hunting around for a file conversion program, there now exists quite a few sites for online file conversion and Youconvertit is certainly one of the better ones.

You have the option to choose between a very large variety of file formats. These include audio, document, image, video and archive file types. What’s cool about this particular service apart from the large range of file formats supported, is that you can add up to five files at a time for conversion. You can even add a url that links to a file online which you’d like to convert. It also provides an option for sending files to a recipients email address (again, up to five at a time).

As a slightly unrelated bonus but in keeping with the theme of conversion, they also offer unit conversion (distance,weight, etc)

It’s a site worth bookmarking, whether you find yourself needing to convert between file types regularly or just once in a while!

Check it out here.

Universal Extractor – Multi-format archive extractor

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Universal Extractor is a neat little tool to extract files from archives. The most common File archive file formats you’re likely to find online are zip and rar, but there’s also many others too. This program lives up to its name by being able to extract them all.

Here are some of the more common formats it can handle: .7z, .exe, .bin, .cue, .tar.gz, .img, .deb, .rpm, .cab, .rar, .dll, .jar, .xpi. For the full list of all the formats it supports (quite a lot!) click here.

It’s a useful tool for peaking inside installer package files to see whats exactly in them before installing.

So this is a useful tool for people such as programmers and IT people who might be working with several different archive types from time to time.

More info and download available at the homepage here.

PeaZip Compression Software

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

PeaZip has recently released its newest version of compression software in both the standard and portable options. Designed to save you space and improve the performance of your computer, this handy new program allows you to compress, span, and encrypt almost any file.
As a utility program, PeaZip could not be more helpful. It does everything it says it does, and then some. First off, PeaZip supports most of the mainstream file types so you won’t have to search for multiple programs or a specific file type. Secondly, the latest version of the program has added a simpler toolbar to make the process of compression much easier. Lastly, since the functionality of the program is obviously not a problem, the designers have decided to allow you to change the skins and designs of your program while it is running. It’s just one more feature added to an already stellar program.
Beyond all of the great features this program has to offer in itself, there are also multiple versions and setup options which many other programs do not offer. You can purchase PeaZip for any Windows or Linux operating system. Then you can choose which kind of installation you wish, whether that be standard, portable, or RPM.
In any case, the program has earned very high ratings, and it is only getting better by the minute. To download your free version of PeaZip, check out:

Ultimate Packer for Executables

Monday, August 20th, 2007

upx.jpgWhen it comes right down to it, executable files are a bit different from the other file formats you typically come across. Those are the files labelled with a .exe extension and are the ones that you click on to launch most of the different programs. Executable files are also important in that they help installation programs launch in a method that is easy and user friendly for most people, because having to manually decode and install a program yourself can be a real pain; especially if you aren’t really computer savvy.

One of the big problems with .exe files right from the start however has been the fact that it is difficult to pack them without either sacrificing the compression ratio or alternatively the quality of the .exe file. Decompression speed has also been a concern in the past and when a program such as UPX (Ultimate Packer for eXecutables) comes along that is able to deal with all three, you know that it is a rate program indeed.

UPX is free and portable and has the ability to achieve amazing compression ratio results for a wide range of different executable formats. It is an oldie but goodie in terms of the packing software market and now that it is free you can get your hands on this incredibly powerful tool quite easily.

More information is available at

CDisplay Comic Reader 1.8

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

1034322713-1.jpgThere are a number of different places that a person can go to nowadays in order to read a comic online and indeed with all of the different pages available in JPEG format, you can tell right away that the people that are ultimately interested in the idea of reading the comic online would most likely have a hard time doing so. Opening up different pictures when you finish the preceding one is an annoying process and a number of the existing programs are way too general in order to make sense when reading the comic itself. A program specific to the needs of online comic readers is needed and indeed this is where the CDisplay Comic Reader 1.8 comes in.

The CDisplay Comic Reader 1.8 is a program that was written specifically to ease the burdens of people previously trying to read comics where every page was in JPEG format on a person’s hard drive. It was because of this niche that the software was made and indeed people that have used it can testify to how fantastic a piece of software it really is. It is simply a reader, so the software does not take up either much space on your hard drive or tie up much space in your system resources.  Ultimately, what the CDisplay Comic Reader 1.8 happens to be is just a fantastically simple solution to a problem affecting thousands.

More information can be found at

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