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Zattoo: International TV on your PC

Ciaran Moore - March 16, 2007

logo_bgwhite.gifZattoo is a program that enables you to watch live television on your computer. Some of the channels currently available are ARD, arte, BBC Prime, BBC World, Bloomberg TV, Canale 5, CNN, EuroNews and EuroSport, to name but a few. (Also many non-English speaking channels).

The bad news is that, currently, Zattoo will only work in Switzerland, the good news is they say they plan to go worldwide with it “soon”.

This looks like it could be a good service, as they say that it’s better than the usual internet video quality. They say it’s equal to TV quality. It remains to be seen if they can keep their promise, as my country isn’t currently served. But i was able to add my email to their mailing list so i can be notified when (if!) it is.

But it seems like one to watch, no pun intended! Check it out here.

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2 Responses to “Zattoo: International TV on your PC”

  1. kannan Says:

    its really cool…….

  2. Peter G. Says:

    I actually live in switzerland and i have Zattoo and…
    ITS GREAT very good quality not exactly like perfect tv but its still perfect.
    now there are a few more tv Channels:

    ARD, arte, BBC Prime, BBC world, bloomberg TV, Canale 5, CNN International, DSF
    EuroNews, Eurosport,France 2,France 3,France 4,France 5, Italia 1, Kabel 1,M6,n-tv,ORF 1,ORF 2
    Pro7,Rai Uno,Rai Due,Rai Tre,Rete 4,RTL,RTL II,Sat.1,SF1,SF2,SF info,TF1,TSI1,TSI2,TSR1,TSR2
    TVE Internacional,VIVA,VOX,ZDF.

    You should take a look.

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