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Multi Project Planner – Take The Effort And Days Out Of Project Planning And Execution

O. James Samson - June 26, 2007

1134563606-1.jpgGot multiple projects and finding it difficult to keep track of them and get all of them done accordingly? You need to check out Multi Project Planner. Built for Multiple projects competing for shared resources, Multi Project Planner helps you to get a lot done in a little time. The project activities are booked on a schedule, common to all work teams.

Using the project planner you get a far superior overview, as both resource allocation and the interrelationships between the activities of all projects are handled in one and the same view. You also have total control of the planning process. This one thing that may scare you away from this software is its price, $148 has to leave your wallet for it to be yours. But before you run away because of the price take time to consider the benefit to you on the long term.

Here are some highlights from the feature list:

  • Hot potatoes are unresolved resource conflicts, kept by the program until you are ready to deal with them;
  • Manipulation is performed with the look and feel of a planning board;
  • Predefined projects (templates) can be dragged onto the schedule, and the program will try to make a best fit;
  • Otherwise it will create hot potatoes;
  • Just in Time means scheduling the project as close to the delivery date as possible, thereby minimizing your inventory – and maximizing your instant maneuverability;
  • Brute force handling of resource conflicts, but only if you command it;
  • Future resource conflicts that are not solved now are turned into hot potatoes, for later treatment;
  • Decision points attached to project activities, and launching a warning when the decisions are due;
  • Progress can be calculated automatically from employee reports or manually stated;
  • Interoperability, i.e. integration with other software.

Check out for more info and trail download before you make up your mind

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4 Responses to “Multi Project Planner – Take The Effort And Days Out Of Project Planning And Execution”

  1. Andy Says:

    Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

  2. Ashley Says:

    It sounds to be interesting but will check it out soon to learn more.

  3. Ganttic Says:

    This is a really great multi-planner. Thank you so much for sharing this information. This will be a tremendous help in my work.

  4. Resource Manager Says:

    I haven’t tried this multi-project planner yet but I would love to try it one of these days.

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