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PC Decrapifier: Rid your PC of unwanted software

Ciaran Moore - January 30, 2007

1213412314123121412.jpgWhen you’ve just bought a new computer, it usually comes preloaded with numerous “Helpful” programs, most of which you’ll never use. They’ll usually only serve to slow your new computer down to a crawl. Think of “PC Decrapifier” as an automatic garbage cleaner for them! Even if your computer isn’t brand new, but still has some pre-installed garbage on it, you can use it to get rid of some of those difficult to remove, factory-installed applications.

It was originally called the Dell Decrapifier but the author decided to rename it to the more politically correct PC Decrapifier. After all, Dell is not the only manufacturer that does this. This is a most welcome and much needed program to simplify the removal of some of those difficult to remove, factory-installed, unwanted applications.

Visit the website here to download it and also to view a list of the programs it can uninstall.

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One Response to “PC Decrapifier: Rid your PC of unwanted software”

  1. nelson somers Says:

    just got a new compaq it’s got vista which i’m already looking for ways to get rid of and loaded with start to wonder if there will be room for your’s got twice the memory and half the speed.

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