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AutoIt – A free but useful tool

O. James Samson - April 12, 2007

autoit9_wall_thumb.jpgIf you need a nice, lightweight tool that can help simulate keystrokes, mouse movements etc, then you have to check out AutoIt.

AutoIt is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting. It is a simple tool that can simulate keystrokes, mouse movements and window commands (maximize, minimize, wait for, etc.) in order to automate any windows based task (or even windowed DOS tasks).

It was primarily designed to assist in automatically installing software that cannot be automatically installed by other means. This is most useful during a PC rollout where hundreds or thousands of client machines need to be automatically installed. However, it is not limited to software installation and can be used to automate most simple windows tasks.

Still not sure if this tool is really what you want, Check out what AutoIt can do for you. This tool can:

  • Provide a general-purpose scripting language for all Windows versions
  • Simulate mouse movements and clicks
  • Interact directly with “controls” on a window (set/get text from edit controls, check boxes and radio buttons, select items in drop-down lists, etc.)
  • Create complex user interfaces (GUIs)
  • Provide a scriptable RunAs function for Windows 2000/XP/2003

And Lots More!

Want to check it out? Go to

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2 Responses to “AutoIt – A free but useful tool”

  1. Karen Straka Says:

    This seems like it would be useful for checking if a script will install to the web. Is is related to anti-virus problems? For instance, PAL keylogger… let me know, sounds good.

  2. Emerson Says:

    AutoIt also provides a way to automate registry editing in environments where users are not allowed to do the editing on their own. In our case, we use AutoIt to deploy applications when a suitable software repackaging method is not available. We also use it to automate the removal of unwanted multimedia files from any specified location on a regular basis. There are many applications for this free scripting tool.

    AutoIt continues to help our group in saving time and money. You will have to try and test it to see how it can also help you.

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