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O. James Samson - December 24, 2007

There are a number of different notes programs around and therefore in order to make the list of freeware programs a note program has to be particularly special in some way. Well, I think I can say with confidence that the PinNotes program is a very special one.  Not only is the program compatible with Windows Vista (something that a lot of different programs can not attest to as of yet), but it is also a program that allows you to use rich text support combined with different note colours in order to get exactly what you want.   It is a fantastic program because of the choice that it offers the user and this combined with the fact that the program is free is very good indeed.
The latest release of the PinNotes software was on December 7th and a number of new features were added.  You can now get to the website for the program directly from the about menu of the software and you can also create live links that are able to be opened by simply clicking on them in the actual note.   There is also a splash screen added for effect and a number of new options are now available for you to customize your notes to a greater degree.  All in all, this software continues to make great strides and it wouldn’t be that surprising if it quickly became one of the most popular notes software packages around.
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