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PSPad Editor

O. James Samson - October 31, 2007

PSPad, in its latest version released a couple of days ago (version, is a freeware text editor that has been put out by a very bright programmer named Jan Fiala. Now, most people will look at that first sentence and shrug their shoulders, thinking that the last thing the world really needs is another freeware text editor. Well, while Jan has certainly chosen to inject his programming prowess into a super-saturated market in today’s world, at the same time the PSPad Editor really has a lot going for it that places it above a number of the text editors that are available today. A lot of these text editors are poorly thought out and even more poorly designed, but as you check out the features of PSPad Editor you will find that it is quite a bit different.

For starters, the layout of PSPad is so good that you can find anything that you would use frequently from the main screen. There is no need to pull down menus and even if you needed one of those menus, there are so many keyboard hotkeys that you can use in order to save tons of time. In addition to that, there is no complex installation process for PSPad; it is good to go right away. Finally, the editor itself not only has the ability to edit text documents, but you can also use it as a HEX editor, an HTML editor, an FTP client as well as an explorer for many other coding languages. It really has a lot compiled into one compact software piece and this is why it is certainly worth a look.

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