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J. River Media Center 14.0.88

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Not a bad media player in my view. Why look else where if you have a media that can provide you with an efficient way to gather, arrange, and even play music with other media files on your computer? J.River Media Center is an all in one player and organizer for your digital music, internet radio and video.

You can copy music with ease from it to your portable digital audio player or even move your digital camera photos into your powerful image library, record all your favourite songs and music and shows and watch them on your TV with superb quality and clarity.

What are those changes that differentiate this version from the older ones? J.River Media Center 14.0.88 now has the following additions: EPG is now in standard view to enable viewing further into the future, switched sliders on output plug-in configuration dialogs to jriver sliders without series name, addition of files to the library now runs on a one-time during background and problems connected to 3D has been fixed.

J. River Media simplifies all your all your digital works and, and one aspect I noticed is that it can also stream your video and music straight into your PC even while you are at work. This is sure another way to get to relax when your work begin to get the better of you.

For more info and download, you can visit Jrmediacenter

webcamXP 7 Beta

Friday, October 30th, 2009

A brand new program based on webcamxp. Beautiful user interface, wonderful and enhanced Flash video(FLV), both Audio and Video streaming without prejudice to your bandwidth and MPJEG recording with full Audio support.

The webserever of WebcamXP Beta is integrated to the software and only requires minor configuration parameters like local directory and the server port.Even the newbie to a software of this category will not find it difficult to get familiar installation, configuration and general usage. This version allows you to share your webcam with everyone without having to worry yourself about setting the web server on your computer.

WebcamXP has both free and pro versions. While the pro version like every other softwares come with complete user features, the free version of this version comes with limited features like been limited to just a camera which is still Ok as long as it serves its purpose. Personally, it is not about the number of cameras that matters but that I can ac?tally get satisfaction from the one I am limited to.

On the other hand, if I have to be compelled by a free software to buy its pro version by annoying and consistent appearance of Windows 7 at the bottom  left, and if removing it can only be done when I buy the full version, then I think the publishers could take a second look at this.

Want to give it a try? Why not visit Webcamxp

PVN 0.09

Friday, October 30th, 2009

A software that gives you opportunity to look for any advertisement under or above forty different categories all for free. PVN 0.09 also allows you to create your own advertisement for free and usage is very simple. This software comes with a very small data base and update is simple and very fast and automatic. It also has a network where one can fill in basic information of one’s CV and put on line.

PVN 0.09 doesn’t have an encryption which to me is not encouraging. I have come across a lot of other similar software where you get to use for free and still have encryption included. The publishers should have taking into consideration password and data protection since it concerns sending information over the net.

During updates, especially when you have to create an advert, your user name and passwords are sent in clear text format exposing your privacy in the process and making you vulnerable to password theft which is very common these days on the internet.

The publishers can certainly improve on the weaknesses noticed in this version and come up with something much better in future versions of the software.

Want to give them a try? Visit them at: PVNnetwork

EVEREST Ultimate Edition 5.30.1924 Beta

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

One of industries leading software used for diagnosis and benchmark solution for pc zealous computer users all over the world. Everest Ultimate Edition 5.30.1924 is based on the popularly acclaimed Everest technology that has made a name for itself over the years.

This software provides important system and over lock information, advanced adware monitoring and diagnostics capabilities to check the effects of of the applied settings during tweaking and optimization. Also available are: FPU, CPU and memory benchmarks to measure the real system performance and compare it to former states.

This version comes with a lot of changes from the older ones which makes it one software that can be relied upon when you need a benchmark solution for your computer. Some of these changes are: you now have an accurate low-level information about your computer’s motherboard, CPU and FPU memory which was not available in previous versions; detailed information about your video adapter, video drivers and monitor.

Want to pay them a visit? Why not go to

DeviceLock 6.4.1 Build 22449

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Network administrators can now specify which user can gain access to each device on a computer’s ports, floppies etc. Once you install device lock on your computer, permissions can be assigned to CD-ROMS, COM PORTS and LPT ports and as many device you want, it is your choice to make with the Devicelock 6.4.1 version.

Devicelok 6.4.1 also enables you to do a system flush of your storage devices’ buffers and provides comprehensive information about installed devices in your computer and NTFS pertitions. You are on the driver’s seat with this program as it gives you total information about your systems storage capacity so you do not have to worry your self any more.

This version comes with access control and auditing for all Blackberry Devices which means you can now control who or who does not connect a Blackberry to your computer and the time it can be connected. Another good thing is that you can now have an audit of user activities involving your blackberry device.

Worries about root kits and other security treats have also been looked into in this version because your system now gets protection from any techniques used by root kits to disable device lock services. All you have to do is enable unhook protection by checking it when you are configuring your software in the device lock administrators dialog.

Visit the site at Devicelock

Mass Downloader 3.8.835

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Do you love downloading files from the internet? Then you have yourself a lovely and well built software. Mass Downloader 3.8.835 is one of those software that gives you value for your time and money. I love it and it is a software that I am going to keep for a long time to come.

The features of Mass Downloader 3.8.835 include: ability to download at a very high speed from the web and FTP sites. The multiple download channels inbuilt technology increases your download speed and ensures that the time you take in downloading your files from the web is decreased significantly. You can also use this software to browse zip archives before you load them and what is more, you get to choose only files that you want for downloads. The interface is also built like the Internet explorer.

I have tried some other downloaders before, but Mass Downloader 3.8.835 appears to be the best I have seen so far. You could almost certainly download from very difficult sites that otherwise would not have been possible with others similar software.

Among the changes the publishers have introduced to into this version are: Introduction of trash can, Tor Proxy support and an improvement in the system notification area.

For more on this, you can visit: Metaproducts

Avant Browser 11.7 Build 41

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Once you start using Avant, you get stuck on it. It’s a wonderful browser that has works like the IE but only that it works just like a good browser should. It is a custom built web browser with a multi window support allowing users to browse multiple web sites almost at the same time and best of all is that it blocks those annoying pop-ups. You can refresh opened pages or even close or arrange with a single click from your mouse.

Avant Browser also traces all traces about your online visits and does not expose you to risk if you are the type that takes interest in online privacy especially in this world when computers continues to become more vulnerable to attacks and invasion. This browser also has Google built in it to enable you search with ease for web pages and other things online.

What is new in this version? The Avant 11.7 has been able to fix problems that have to do bugs that proxy options keep turning back to IE and also the publishers have at least been able to fix problems that have to do with downloading, processes no longer ends along with closing then Avant browser.

You may visit the site at

K-Lite Codec Pack Full 5.2.7 Beta

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

A collection of codec packs and direct show filters that gets your work done and satisfactorily too. This software contains all you ever need when it comes to playing both audio and video files. The flexibility is also worthy of mention, I mean it is so flexible that even an amateur would find it easy to install and use. Best of it is that you can use K-Lite Codec Pack Full 5.2.7 Beta for encoding.

Imagine a software where all you have to do is run on your system and saving you the stress of having to configure it. It is delightful software for the newbie or amateur, a sit back and watch application for the pro and what else can I add but to say that for a software still in its Beta stage, a good job by the publishers.

Compatibility with my Windows 7 is no problem at all because it works just as fine and didn’t give me any problem. Some few changes have also been made to this version which makes it better than older versions. The speaker configuration setting has been moved to another page in the installer, file association options have been added and the media player classic has been updated to version 1.3.1301.0.

You may wish to visit

Mp3tag 2.44e Beta

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

This useful piece of software can help you rename files that are based on Tag information, import and also export Tag information, create play list and replace characters from Tags and files. MP3TAG 2.44E BETA is a software for you even though it is still in Beat stage. It enables you to Tag your information and gather proper Tag information for your selected files and CD’s.

In this version, some of the noticeable changes from the older versions are: Empty fields are no longer from web source like it was in the Tag source, multiple values of fields in the Tag panel is now now included in the drop down menu list among other changes. Though the changes could have been more, there is no doubt that this software is a fine one and it just keeps improving as the years go bye.

MP3TAG 2.44E BETA, still stand out as one of the most useful software in its category but the publishers still need to do some more work though, especially in the tag import because issues that relates to bug still there. I believe that as time goes on, more work will be done to improve on it.

Want to give it a try? You can visit them at

Mozilla Firefox for Windows (v3) 3.0.15

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Everyone knows Mozilla Firefox but not everyone understand that it is the most secured browser out there that gives you online rest of mind and various ad-ons that makes your browsing experience memorable once you start using it. Now they have an updated version that is just as lovely as previous versions.

Mozilla has redesigned their browser components to give you a richer and more interesting way to surf the net. This version comes with a pop-up blocker, smarter search to make your search easier, improved privacy and stress free downloading over the internet. Version 3.0.15 for windows gives you all these and more.

Sincerely, one may one to disagree with the publishers on why an update is needed but the truth is that Mozilla Firefox has since its first release continued to maintain a tradition of always sending new updates to its users probably because it wants to stay ahead of other browsers or prove that it is always working tirelessly to attend to the needs of its numerous users as the years roll bye and as technology continue to improve.

I noticed that the time outs noticed in version 3.6 still exist especially when trying to visit highly secured sites like banks and secured sites.

Want to give it a try? You can go to

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