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GPS Tracker Data Logger

Monday, October 31st, 2011

GPS Tracker Data Logger acts as the server and allows you to collect data from an unlimited number of various GPS trackers simultaneously. The data obtained is processed, uniformed and written to a log file or a database. Also, the program has a set of interfaces so other applications can get data in real time. GPS Tracker Data Logger is built with capacity to convert data into other formats (the formats of other trackers) and send them to other servers. This shareware application also allows you to connect previously unsupported devices to existing systems or view data from heterogeneous GPS trackers with the help of integrated client software.

GPS Tracker Data Logger can be used to solve a lot of problems; but you need a few technical skills to be sure you are doing the right thing. The program helps you to considerably reduce your company’s expenses due to reduced expenditure on deviations from the route, and prevents personal use of company’s vehicles. Companies can also reduce the amount of client and server software being used thanks to the possibility to receive and process data from various trackers. There are lots of other things you can achieve by using GPS Tracker Data Logger, but be sure you have some technical ability.

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BitTally Lite 0.9.078

Monday, October 31st, 2011

BitTally is a professional and reliable network monitoring application that is more than a low-level packet sniffer, like the ones in use by most network administrators, programmers, and other geek types. BitTally is for normal people – like managers, parents, etc – who want to know what is going on their networks. The program includes a lot of functions or features that will help you do a lot of things easier than a couple of premium programs out there. The applications’ engine is based on based on Deep Packet Inspection technology (DPI). BitTally recognizes over 100 application protocols including the following; BitTorrent, eDonkey, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, SIP, Skype, and many more. Users can also be sure that the program also supports encrypted BitTorrent, Skype, and a host of others.

BitTally is also designed to track bandwidth usage, collecting statistics by user, application protocol, domain, domain category, country. The program also has capacity to detect suspicious activities, reset undesirable TCP connections, or even redirect HTTP sessions. BitTally Lite is created for some specific environment that includes the following; office (by increasing employee productivity), schools and library (set up and enforce acceptable internet usage policies), and in home environment (to help you know what your kids are up to or doing).

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CodeTwo Outlook Reply All Reminder 1.0.1

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

CodeTwo Outlook Reply All Reminder is a program created to prevent Outlook users from accidental excluding other recipients (specified in the Cc: or To: fields) when replying to a group message. Sometimes it does happen to everyone to forget to hit the Reply instead of the Reply All button, but when it comes to business group correspondence, skipping an important recipient may cause a lot of trouble.

A lot of people have lost a lot of deals just by hitting the Reply button instead of the Reply All button; and this can cause a lot of problems in the end; especially if you have an important project. Some of these mistakes can be very costly, and can actually make you lose a couple of important deals as well; and that is one of the reasons behind creating this program.

Code Two Outlook Reply All Reminder is an easy to use application that makes things easier for you. What it means is that you may eventually be able to overcome any problem that has to do with hitting the wrong button. The best part is that this program is free, and users can download and use it as soon as possible since it is also easy to understand.

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Bram 1.0

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Bram is a Batch Renamer and Mover program that is used to batch rename files or folders, as well as move them or copy them. You can work with one folder of items or include its subfolders’ items as well. The program offers you different ways by which you can rename files, including dynamic parts that are unique for each file. Bram also has an easy to use interface that will be familiar to anyone who has ever used the Windows file explorer, and also supports multithreading when it performs file and folder operations, so it’s efficient.

Bram is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP, and includes a lot of key features such as; rename multiple files/folders using common naming scheme, dynamic naming scheme parts, undo the last set of changes in case you have some problems with applied changes, when displaying items, you can display either files or folders, when displaying items, you can either display only the items in a folder or you can include all of the items in its subfolders, when displaying files, you can filter the items by file extensions, and lots of other features.

Bram is an application that requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.X; and is also available for free download.

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Pazera Free MP4 to AVI Converter 1.5

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Pazera Free MP4 to AVI Converter is a freeware program that converts MP4, M4V and MP4V files to AVI or MPG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2). MP4 files are commonly used in video sites (YouTube), portable players (iPod, PSP), mobile phones (iPhone) and other devices. The problem is that a lot of players and video editing software does not support the MP4 format; and that is why it is necessary to convert MP4 file to more common formats such as AVI or MPG. This latest version however, includes some few changes such as; new version of FFmpeg, encoder, addition of mechanism to support multiple languages, improved matching of encoding parameters with automatic settings, as well as a couple of bug fixes.

If you are a novice and probably wondering how to handle a program like this; well the publisher included some predefined settings to help you get started without any problem. That is not all there is to this program because experience users can also customize video and audio encoding parameters used by encoder including the following; video and video codec, audio and video bitrate, fps, sampling frequency, resolution, volume and a couple of others.

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Netspot 1.0 Beta

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Netspot is a wireless survey software for Mac OS X that enables you to find out what your Wi-Fi network is capable of right now. All you need to run your wireless site survey is your MacBook with native Wi-Fi / AirPort adapter. Netspot may not require any special knowledge because of its simplicity. As a matter of fact, only 2 steps to get your first reports; survey Wi-Fi network and apply sleek visualizations.

The program gives you a lot of options in terms of usage. If you basic goal is to improve the performance of your Wi-Fi network; especially when it comes to the hotspots being placed correctly and channels assigned in a proper way, then what you need is Netspot. The visual Wi-Fi map you get by installing Netspot lets you see all dead zones without coverage and optimize hotspots’ placements; you can see channels’ load and decide how to use them ideally. With just a couple of clicks, you can load your entire office plan or area map and start a network site survey.

All you need to do is point to where you are on the map and Netspot starts measuring wireless signal right away, move around, and collect Wi-Fi data. Netspot is freeware program, and works on MAC OS X.

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WeatherSig 1.40

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

WeatherSig is a fun tool that allows you to display your city weather conditions in your email signature for many popular mail programs. Users’ signatures can be inserted manually or automatically into outgoing messages for Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and more. This current version also includes a couple of changes that include addition of online web help Weather Signature Online Help, and a few bug fixes. The Windows Live Mail html signature setup has also been automated by the publishers. The program also allows you to add fun and exciting signatures to your email messages, create the best email signatures, for play, work, marketing or whatever, anything is possible.

WeatherSig has thousands of popular fortune cookies too; which is basically an one line joke, proverb, quote of the day that’s inserted into each email you create. This application also comes with thousands of Fortune Cookies which include thousands of jokes, quotes, deep thoughts and more.

Some of its key features include the following; works with Windows 7 as well as Vista, easy navigation with intuitive design, operates with all email clients, integrated signature creator with no special skill required, insert images into your signatures automatically, support for animated pictures, automatically inserts random one line jokes, quotes, and many more.

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Beyluxe Messenger Beta

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Beyluxe is a free Internet voice and video Chat program used by millions of people, and thousands of organizations, to communicate, share, play and work with each other on the internet around the world. The program simply lets you enjoy easy communication with those you love wherever they are located, and as long as they have internet connection. You can watch videos, meet new people and keep in touch with your friends in our thousands of chat rooms from the entire world. Beyluxe Messenger also lets you share presentations with friends and family with our stream video conferencing and much more.

Since we live in a world where communication is key to the strength and survival of most relationships; it is therefore necessary to keep in touch as much as we can. With Beyluxe Messenger, you can start to chat online in different categories and languages, meet more people and have fun in various chat rooms. The program also allows you to use a microphone as well as a webcam whenever you feel like in order to make communication livelier and richer.

The program is free, but users need to create their unique usernames to start enjoying communicating with their friends.

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GetDataBack for FAT 4.24

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

GetDataBack is an application built with features to help you retrieve your files if the hard drive’s partition table, boot record, FAT, or root directory have been damaged by a virus, formatting, fdisk or power failure. The application can even recover your data when the drive is no longer recognized by Windows. GetDataBack is one of those shareware programs with lots of impressive features; and is capable of helping you recovering files even when there is a system crash or power failure.

GetDataBack for FAT has really improved over the years, and is even more popular than most programs because of the quality features included by the publishers. The advanced algorithms make sure that all directories and sub directories are put together as they were, and that long file names are reconstructed correctly. The program is read-only, meaning the program will never attempt to write to the drive you are about to recover. Users who are not experienced can also conduct their own data recovery through the program. The program also guides them through three easy to understand steps. However, if you are an advanced user, there are options to adjust the recovery process and improve the results.

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PassMark BurnInTest Professional 7.0 Build 1003

Friday, October 28th, 2011

BurnInTest is a tool that simultaneously exercises all of the major components of a computer, to test for endurance and reliability. As a user, you can select the hardware components to test and individually adjust the load placed on each one via slide bars. Each test reports results to its own window and results are summarized along with any errors detected in the main program window.

The professional version of PassMark BurnInTest includes Serial port loop back testing, Parallel port loop back testing, USB port testing using the PassMark USB Loop back plug or the PassMark USB 2.0 Loop back plug, Tape drive testing, CPU affinity selection, Advanced RAM testing with page locking and testing beyond the 4GB barrier, Scrolling ‘H’s for Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) testing to ANSI standard C63.4-1992, and Additional options for video card testing.

Some of the other key features you can find in this program include the following; native 64bit hardware and O/S support, online help and PDF manual, support for printing results, ability to save your results to disk as log file, counters that count the total number of operations performed, video RAM testing, testing the playback of videos, and many more.

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