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Diskeeper 2010 Professional 14.0.896

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Diskeeper 2010 professional 14.0.896 automatically defragments your disk for you. It is specially built with features that allow you to schedule and configure it in a way that is suitable for your use. Fragmentation normally occurs during normal windows operation and files are broken up in pieces and saved on different parts of the hard disk. This allows increase in the amount of time it takes to access single files on your computer.

This is one of the best performing programs in its category. I have been using the free version for sometime now and I must attest to the fact that I am very convinced of the performance which in my view is encouraging. The pro version is one step ahead and I know the publisher of this software have done a great job. At $49.50, the PRO version of Diskeeper 2010 is a delightful program.

Diskeeper 2010 Professional 14.0.896 works well on Windows 7 even though it runs a bit small on start up. The Pro version is however limited to a 30 day limit to allow a user try out to see if he should go ahead and purchase it or not.

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Master Voyager 2.29

Monday, November 30th, 2009

With this software, you can create protected VCD/DVD Discs and USB Memory Sticks. It does this by creating a protected area or areas on the media and you just enter a password to view all protected contents. All protected Discs/USB stick is fully autonomous and does not require any specially installed software on your system.

Master Voyager 2.29 is 256 bits standard encryption software used for protecting records and files on your computer system. Your files and records are sensitive things you need to keep very well from the prying eyes of strangers and what ever it cost you or what ever length you go to make sure that they are safe and intact will not be too much.

Another great advantage of this software is that it does not require you to buy any special CD burning software, this one will do all that you have to do in that area.

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SoftMaker Office 2010 Beta

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Software Office contains plan maker, presentation, text maker (word) and basic maker (macro writer) and can be described as one of the lightest software in its category. It is easy to install on your computer and is so fast that it loads without taking your time and make you wait and waste your precious time. You can drag and drop, arrange your icons the way it suits you, and to crown it all, it has this wonderful interface that is so attractive you will love it the first time you use it.

It is fully compatible with Microsoft Office formats and open documents formats. The speed like I said before works like jet and the most amazing thing about it is that it still comes with wonderful features you will almost think you are using the Microsoft Office. For a software of its magnitude not weighing more than 45 megabytes, SoftwareMaker Office 2010 Beta is good software and works very well for me right from installation.

This version from my own point of view is miles ahead in terms of service delivery. At least I do not have to worry about service pack every three months because it does not require anything of such. The fact that SoftMaker Office 2010 is still in Beta testing stage makes it software that will surely go places. It is still a commercial Demo and no price fixed yet.

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JaBack for Windows 8.32

Monday, November 30th, 2009

This is an automotive software with advanced automotive features to back up all your files for you. It has a standard zip format which gives you the ability to restore all zip utility. You can choose to email your back ups as you wish. You can choose to schedule tasks by the second, minute or hourly, weekly, daily or even monthly all depending on your choice.

JakBack for Windows 8.32 supports dynamic variables to achieve advanced automated tasks making sure you can do other things knowing that your program is working silently to ensure that all your files are well kept and safe. You do not have to fear that you will lose your files because they are safe.

Some other great features of this software include: A local directory monitor that allows you to back up data when a file or folder change is detected, copying of files using wildcards on schedule( can also append time and dat6e on files) to achieve purpose, email notification of task failure based on task exit codes among other features that make it a great tool.

JaBack for Windows 8.32 is however a free software and can be used for personal or home use.

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Online Armor Personal Firewall Free Edition Beta

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Though I do not really like to dwell much on free software, the truth is experience has proved me wrong. I have indeed tried out some free applications in the past and they have really impressed me. This software under review is coming under my lens because it is a security related software and so is important.

Online Armor Personal Firewall free edition Beta is a powerful and well built firewall software that can actively detect threats to your computer system and report back to you. It intelligently detects and identifies malicious behavior and subsequently targets it for exclusion from your computer before it has the chance to cause you any major damage.

This software provides you with online real time protection by identifying and quickly too all programs that are considered risky to your computer. These unwanted programs could be through emails or while working online or offline. It protects and analyses any program behaviors and does not just stop at searching for limited known threats from data base that is limited.

The free version of this program like other softwares that have free versions is limited to certain features which you can only get when you purchase the paid version.

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SUPER Antispyware Free Edition 4.31.1000

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Super Antispyware free edition 4.31.1000 is a free security software packaged to improve and enhance your online work. Is there any reason why you should expose your computer to threats in the first place when you know it cost you some amount of money to buy? Whatever it cost as long as it is worth it, the security of your computer and what you do online should not be compromised.

This program is built with a multi-dimensional scanning and process interrogation Technology that easily detects malicious programs that could put your computer in danger of been destroyed. It can detect and subsequently remove pests such as: Spy falcon, Spy axe and others that makes expose the vulnerability of your computer.

Though when set on auto run, this software may bug your system and cause it to run slow or start at a much slower pace. The splash screen which displays on boot takes much longer time to display when on auto run. It is however advised that you do not set it on auto run when you install it on your system.

Super Antispyware free Edition also has the following features added to it which were either not in past versions or at least not as effective as it is now. Some of these features or changes include: improved root kit detection technology, an updated threat remediation technology and update direct disk access.

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Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10.1 Pre-Release

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Adobe flash player has been around for a while and for a software coming from a publisher that has earned a name for itself, I think this program is a great one and as in older versions, it is surely going to impress a lot of people. Adobe flash player for windows 10.1 pre-release has some very new changes which makes it software to watch.

This program formerly Macromedia flash player gives you the ability to view entertainment and great animation on the web, display web application front-ends interactive online advertising, short form to long form animation and high impact web site user interfaces among others. Adobe flash player is free of any design restriction or limitation and thus can be used to clearly express your brand and company business identity.

With your Adobe flash player for Windows 10.1 pre-release, you can create and share filters, blend modes, create more intuitive and engaging interface using built in 3D transformation and animation capabilities without being a pro. Adobe flash player for Windows 10.1 pre-released is as free as any freeware tool can be.

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Earth View 3.11.2

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Though I love the pictures and the quality of the wall papers this program has, the other part I really frown at is the cost which for me should have been lower than the one placed on it. Every other thing, no problem. These days price play a lot of roles when a buyer want to buy programs and software that fall into the same category as this one.

Earth View 3.11.2 is a good software with very attractive and colorful wallpaper and screen saver to make your desktop come alive. The software displays beautiful views of the earth with both daylight and night shadows that make your desktop a delight to watch.

The screen resolution is much higher than 1600X1200 and supports both map and globe views, geo-political boundaries, urban areas and city lights and many other features that I find very interesting to see. Best of it is that you can set or customize all view parameters.

With Earth view 3.11.2 you are sure of at least four different beautiful earth maps, starting at 10km resolution, meaning that at 100% zoom level, 1 pixel on your computer screen is the same thing as 10 kilometers on earth. The paid version gives you additional possibility of downloading more versions of some maps.

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Blaze Media Pro

Friday, November 27th, 2009

The features that make Blaze Media pro a software I have come to like so much include its editing capabilities, playback function, video creating, combining and extracting feature, video editing , batch video processing, media management, audio merge, musicID audio recognition among other wonderful features.

Blaze Media Pro is a multimedia software program. It works great on computer and enables you write software. Also worthy of commendation are the wonderful skins that makes it beautiful and attractive, and the ease at which one can get used to its functions.

Blaze Media Pro can be used as a all in one program for converting, burning, audio and video editing of all popular video and audio formats such as: mp3, mpeg4, wmv, mpeg2, m4a and so much more. You can also convert bit rates and compression for audio formats, converting mp3 from 128 kbps to 64 kbps and can easily adjust lower as well as higher bit rates.

This software is a shareware and goes for $50 which is not too high when you consider all the features that the publishers have added to it for your enjoyment and benefit.

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Notion 3

Friday, November 27th, 2009

The first thing that caught my attention when I visited the publisher’s site was the price. At $249 I wanted to know what the publishers have to offer in this software called Notion 3. I wanted to know what is so special that such a price be placed on it.

The first thing I checked was the ease of use. Notion 3 has one of the simplest features that are easy to adapt to. So simple is this software program that you do not really need a pro to teach or help you get used to its features. The way the screen is designed is so beautiful, the intuitive workflow ensures you concentrate all your effort on your music and with this; you do not have to bore yourself learning to do things the hard way.

I discovered that Notion3 is probably the only notation program or software from the ones I have used to have a complete ReWire integration supporting both slave and host options. Notion3 is built to work without any hitch with any third party VSTi libraries and VST effects. This version of the program is also built with digital audio workstations, full MIDI functionality and can save or even import audio files.

Also included in its features are: advanced real-time tempo control that comprises vamps, repeats, score navigation and other very attractive and useful functions that allows you to it like a musical instrument with accompaniment, professional live performances and rehearsal. Though the price may be on the high side for me, I still think that for those who appreciate what a good composition should be, they might not really mind.

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