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Radio Stream Player

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Radio Stream Player helps you to stream/listen to online radio stations from the internet without having to open an internet browser or run a bloated player. It has a language translation system which makes you access station list in English, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, French, German and Portuguese languages. It has a small and easy to use GUI and a minimal CPU and RAM footprint.

The latest version was released on April 22, 2008 and it has the following changes:


  • Much better support for importing old station files;
  • Automatic detection of missing translation / station files will not automatically download the missing files


  • More improvements to scaling of Windows;
  • Automatic updates will now only check once per day


  • Issues related to parsing .pls files

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Micro for Windows – watch your internet TV shows and Videos

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

If you’ve been looking for a powerful tool that can enable you to watch your Internet Tv shows and videos easily, then this might be the thing for you. It’s called Micro.

Micro allows you to download and watch your internet TV shows and Videos in one powerful application just like you watch your TV. It lets you watch big, high resolution videos one after another. It helps you to avoid tedious web videos and it’s so easy to use. Micro has a built-in Channel Guide in which new channels arrive daily. The latest version of Micro for Windows was released last week.

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Time2Play 1.5

Monday, April 28th, 2008

When you want to make some public announcements then it is not possible to make them all by yourself especially when the same things are to be repeated. To deal with such situations, recorded sounds are being used everywhere. However even with this technique often an issue arises someone cannot find the particular sound file and play it. Therefore, to deal with this problem you can try using Time2Play 1.5. The program supports you with the uncomplicated features that help you to schedule when to play the audio file. It also consists of the features like ‘Expiring Announcements’, sound warning before the announcements, sound fade in/out, etc. It supports the file with MP3, WMV, and WAV formats.

Time2Play 1.5 does not consist of complicated configurations and hence can be easily can be set for scheduling the sound to be played. Make the Playlist of the messages that you can select and easily move on for next. For the message you have been provided with the option of ‘Inert Message’ and ‘Remove Messages’. You can set the Volume for the Messages and Stop them anytime. Talkover and Emergency option are also there. On the right side of the screen your provided with the for Music Track Playlist where you can have the music files selected and scheduled to be played. You can select the music files from the Playlist or from the device as desired by you. Change the volume level to make it clear and loud or have it played as background audio. Set the features with the Sound Options as desired by you and set the schedule of the audio files to be played in the sequence as you want them. Help feature is provided with the program to assist you with the information relating to the program.

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Outlook Express Security 2.05

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Have you faced a situation when someone messed up your Outlook Express data by accessing it when you were not at your system? Well avoid such potentially disastrous situation you should give a try to Outlook Express Security 2.05. The software allows you to set password so that only you access the Outlook Express database. When you set the program to be active, it locks the all the data. Now Outlook Express can be accessed only if the right password is entered. It helps protect your important data like you massages, address book, etc. This function of the software prevents your data from being spoiled or stolen by anyone else.

MOutlook Express Security 2.05 shows the simple option in front of the user that can be set easily to start working. When you want the program to protect the Outlook Express data then you need to mark the given feature enable the protection. Set the Password that want to be applied for the Outlook Express database protection. It would prompt you to enter the password in the provided small dialog box. If in case you forget one password you can also set an additional password to enter for accessing the data. When you have entered the required details then the protection is applied to the Outlook Express. The software is best to be used of you need to move sometimes from your system or it has happened earlier when somebody damaged the data of your Outlook Express as it has your account defined. It is best suitable for the people who need to stay logged-in whole day as they carry various correspondence through mails. The software is easy to be used as it is complied of very less features.

Outlook Express Security 2.05 protects the information of your Outlook Express through password and denies access to any unauthorized person.

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Quick Article Pro

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Have you been into technical writing or professional writing for long or want to start with it? Well while writing, it is quite difficult to write different and better quality article each time. Now you can try Quick Article Pro 3.0 that is an online software for technical writing. With the help of the software, you can have the keyword rich articles written in no matter of time. It helps you to generate high quality articles relating to any topic and you need not to have any information about it. You can own the information rich content that can be modified for giving high impact SEO. It supports Word, WordPad and Notepad formats for publishing the articles.

Quick Article Pro 3.0 helps in generating the articles that are unique and contains the required keywords. You can have the keywords searched and article framed easily. To start working with the software you need to enter the keyword on which you want to search the content. When you click on Search the related Topics are shown in left panel from where you can select and view the content. The containing content is shown on the middle left panel from where you can have the added to the Text box. Make the required changes and modify it into a new sentence with correct information. You can view the full sentence separately and add it to your Text box. You can ‘Add a Custom Topic’ to the program. It’s easy to create ‘New Project’, ‘Open an existing Project’ and even ‘Save Project’. You’re provided with features to publish articles with Word, Notepad, Word Pad formats and even have it copied to the Clipboard. You’re also provided with and option, No. of Sentences per Search.

Quick Article Pro 3.0 also provides with Help and Language selection feature. It works to its best to get related search results for you so that you can get the content for writing even if you don’t have any special knowledge about the topic.

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History Sweeper 2.96 – the latest version released

Friday, April 25th, 2008

History Sweeper helps to ensure that the history of activities you performed on your PC is automatically wiped off after you are done. It is not just enough to delete files and cookies after working on your PC because your activity remains on the PC unseen. Also, while on the internet, you may have downloaded intrusive devices like cookies, bugs and spyware, which may strike at anytime on your PC. These bring up privacy and security questions.

History sweeper protects your activities, remove intrusive devices and save your storage spaces, thereby increasing your privacy and security online. The latest version of this software was released on April 22, 2008.

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Hide Photos – keep your digital photos safe

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Want to keep your digital photos safe? Hide Photos provide a secure container which is protected by a password. It is easily accessible with an Explorer-like interface. It displays thumbnail preview of protected photos in full color and it arranges your collection in such a way which facilitates quick search by using tags and comments.

The latest version, Hide Photos 1.3 Build 805 was released on April 21, 2008 and it has the following changes:

  • Added: ability to deny access to the storage when some idle time passed
  • Added: menu item “Tools-Hide to tray” with the F12 shortcut key to quickly hide program to tray
  • Fixed: RAW files adding/viewing/loading accelerated

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Clip Plus 4.3

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Clip Plus as your Windows companion is an accessible and easy to use system. It automatically grabs and save text, images and objects as they are copied to the Windows Clipboard, working alongside with regular Windows Clipboard. This allows the text, images and objects available for saving, reuse and printing. A tray icon provides quick access to the program and an indicator which indicates whether you are in capture or pause modes.

Clip Plus enables you to open the main display where your clipped items are stored and to create and save group items and save individual items. Text and graphics can be printed.

This latest version of this program was released on April 21, 2008 and it has the following changes:

  • Clip Plus now compatible with Vista Aero visual improvements
  • Added Office 2007 themes support
  • Added fully-customizable toolbars and menus
  • Removed panes flickering

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1st Mail Server 3.02

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Were you in search for mail server utility that could help you perform your work faster and better without taking much time and effort? If that has been the case then it may be a wise decision to try using 1st Mail Server 3.02. Essentially it is a professional POP3 /SMTP server program which can be used in different environments and can also be used along side a standard mail client for sending emails. It also provides the users with a testing mode for the purpose of testing and debugging the mailing client. When you have a traveling job then you need to carry your laptop, 1st Mail Server 3.02 provides you with settings for multiple SMTP gateways. With this features the program helps you to send the mails by using any of the gateways. The program is suitable to by nearly everyone as it ensures email privacy and security.

The 1st Mail Server 3.02 program helps you to perform your work efficiently where ever you are. The program shows various options to be set according to your working requirements. The program shows the options on the toolbar and the left side panel on the screen. The sub features that all the options contain are displayed on the right hand area on the screen. To make sure about the safety you can set the security features like number of connections for SMTP servers and protocol. Set the IP range list and other features like RBL servers, SMTP gateways. With the SMTP options you can set the SMTP ports, simultaneous connections, server identities, etc. Message Queue, Timeout, Server Replies, POP3 Options are other features that you need to set according to your preferences. Another feature is Local Domain that contains sub features to be considered by you. Save the settings that also can be restored when required. To start working with you need to select ‘Start Server’ and ‘Stop Server’ as required.

1st Mail Server 3.02 program enables you send mails through any gateway and work with different mail clients.

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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

If you’ve been looking for an IP monitoring software that can do the job and do it really well, you may not have to look any further, thanks to WatchYourIP.

WatchYourIP as the name implies is a tool for watching your IP, monitoring changes with ease. It is the IP monitoring software that will watch your Local and Public IP addresses and monitor them for changes. The cool thing about this software is that it can be configured to email a list of users in the event of a change. So you can send out custom email messages to provide your users the correct and accurate info.

Still not sure if this is what you need, check out its features:

  • Monitors Local and Public IP addresses
  • Customizable timer
  • Customizable color interface
  • Customizable email – make it say exactly what you want
  • Start up when Windows starts up
  • Minimize to system tray – to better keep your taskbar organized and clean

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