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Spyware Doctor: No Need for Apples

Friday, July 31st, 2009

One of the latest offerings from, Spyware Doctor is a utility program that effectively prevents and eliminates harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious programs that will definitely harm and destroy computer systems.

Spyware Doctor is an important yet affordable investment and every computer system and network should have it. Now that there are so many things that could harm our PCs such as Trojans and spywares that invade computer systems, Spyware Doctor will guarantee that no such programs will enter and permeate our precious workstations.

In this world of fast data transfer and proliferation of information technology, businesses especially those that with high capital investment in their computer and network systems need to protect and make sure that their computer workstations are in their prime condition and performance. That is why Spyware Doctor is a must and a very essential tool in performing routine checkups and protection of computers from possible threat like malicious software, adware, malware, Trojans, automatic keyloggers and other harmful self-installing programs that are harmful to both hardware and software.

Spyware Doctor is the total solution in computer protection. It is a combined technology of anti-virus and anti-spyware. It acts both as security tool and as a cleaning tool for malicious programs that computer networks may acquire from different sources via the Internet and external files Spyware Doctor is one of the most sought after anti-spyware programs because of its effectiveness and its very friendly user interface. Anyone can easily start using the Spyware Doctor upon installation. No need to look for online guides but if you do need one, there are lots of them in their website.

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Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard: Just the Way the Pros Do It

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard is the latest innovations from that allows the user to print multiple photos that are fully customizable and can be altered in which way the user or the artist desires. The ability of Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard to lay-out and print multiply images, clip-arts, and other visual graphics is the best way to save on precious expensive papers, inks, money, time, and effort.

Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard also allows the user to choose from a wide array of templates for professional and creative-looking albums, brochures, annual reports, or for other portfolio purposes. Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard definitely has the edge compared to other printing software and built-in printing options because the user can fully select the photos individually, select the size for each photo, select a creative design for each one of them and lay-out the photos in one sheet. In this manner, there is no need for other post printing steps just to attain a certain desired print output.

Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard is the best choice for students, freelance artists, as well as creative printing and multimedia outfits because it will definitely allow them more freedom in producing their prints, benefiting them when it comes to cutting costs on paper and ink, reducing the amount of time for editing and printing, and most of all, producing stunning prints that no other software could have done. Only Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard can do the job done and can do the job at its best.

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4Media DVD Ripper Ultimate: Cutting-Edge Performance

Friday, July 31st, 2009

4Media DVD Ripper Ultimate is the newest and so far, one of the best DVD rippers in today’s high-paced technology world. 4Media DVD Ripper Ultimate can convert DVD format files into all types of formats that are perfect for any multimedia or portable player and device. It allows full fidelity and high quality conversion for the viewing pleasure and full use of the user. What’s more brilliant is the fact that 4Media DVD Ripper Ultimate also allows the user to edit the clips, like cropping, putting creative video effects and transitions and as well as placing subtitles for more convenience!

4Media DVD Ripper Ultimate includes a great number of Video and Audio options for the user to choose form depending on the file format that he wants to use or more specifically, depending on the multimedia device that he wants to use.

4Media DVD Ripper Ultimate is the newest and one of the more innovative software applications developed by It is a groundbreaking technology that allows the user to rip DVD files into all types of formats in the most convenient and efficient way. Thanks to its very friendly user interface, any amateur and advanced user can benefit from its wide array of basic and advanced options.

4Media DVD Ripper Ultimate is truly a great way to achieve DVD ripping at its best. Imagine having software application that can rip DVD files into different formats and can even edit those converted files to suit the preferences of the user. Truly a wonderful idea!

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Torch Project Management

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Torch Project Management is a breakthrough in managing important projects, tasks, deals, and bids. It is a definite need and a must for every professional and group project especially those that are dealing with complex systems and data. Torch Project Management offers an innovative way of organizing data be it in the planning stage or in the financials, current situation, target and objectives, bids, messages, and other vital factors needed in managing projects.

With Torch Project Management, every professional, group or individual, will surely maximize all profits, projects, and mitigate delays and bumps. By using Torch Project Management, the user is ensured of a clear interface, a user-friendly system and the most up-to-date solutions in project management.

Project management is one of the most important aspects in doing professional work. Whether the individual is a professional, a budding photographer, or a group of aspiring businessmen targeting to close a big deal, Torch Project Management is the right tool to use. It will definitely put them in the lead against their competitors because it allows them to fully organize their database and their communication systems into a more efficient way that will of course benefit their final product and output.

Torch Project Management is also vital in team cooperation and coordination. It ensures that everyone is aware of what is happening in their project bids, their current financial situation or simply the goings-on in their group. Clearly, there is no other software that can beat Torch Project Management when it comes to managing those essential and income-generating projects.

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Flash to Video Converter Pro

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

The latest software in converting Flash videos has finally arrived and ready for download. Flash to Video Converter Pro combines the latest and innovative technologies in video converting today. With Flash to Video Converter Pro, Macromedia Flash files can be easily converted to various formats that can be viewed and played back into the latest computers and mobile gadgets today.

Flash to Video Converter Pro can be used to convert flash files into mp4, mpeg and avi files, perfect for almost any gadget known to anyone. Finally, with the use of Flash to Video Converter Pro, all video and audio streams can be easily stored in personal storage and multimedia devices and be reviewed anytime the user wishes to. The software can be installed on all platforms and operating systems, and caters to all video streaming files in the World Wide Web.

With a wide array of multimedia devices that can playback the converted files, Flash to Video Converter Pro is the safest and most reliable converter. From the Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune, Smart phones, Personal Digital Assistants, Windows based Pocket PCs, PSP, and other mobile and portable devices, Flash to Video Converter Pro is the best solution there is.

Flash to Video Converter Pro offers the best resolution and reliability when it comes to video and audio quality. The software converts the files into a portable yet clear and precise file. Say goodbye to choppy videos and audios that seem to be not synced with the corresponding video, with Flash to Video Converter Pro, all audios and videos will be converted without a problem.

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IP Messenger Spam Blocker

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

IP Messenger Spam Blocker allows the PC user to completely eradicate the persistent and irritating IP addresses that are harmful to the computer system even if the user is not connected to the internet. Irritating pop-ups are just some of the effects of these harmful IP addresses and that is why IP Messenger Spam Blocker is the perfect choice.

Using IP Messenger Spam Blocker will allow the user to manage the harmful IP’s and actually block them so that they will not have to interfere with anything that the user is doing.  In this manner, the user is focused on what he or she is really doing and not deal with irritating pop-ups that may also be harmful, like executable files that contain viruses and spyware.

No one enjoys seeing these pop-ups suddenly appear while one is in the middle of an important work in front of the computer. That is why IP Messenger Spam Blocker allows total control over these IP spams not only in a single computer but also, eradication of pop-ups can be implemented in the whole network of the company, especially those businesses that deal with high level of information technology where the computer work stations are its lifeblood.

IP Messenger Spam Blocker allows constant update and monitoring of the threats and security issues that may target the IP address of the individual or the company’s computer system. In this manner, total control and awareness is achieved.

The interface of IP Messenger Spam Blocker is one of the most well-planned and organized interfaces especially in security programs. Anyone in the network of the computer system can actually use and control the system. In this manner, real time monitoring and immediate action can be done.

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Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

RamSmash is the latest innovation when it comes to managing and controlling the computer’s memory in the most efficient way. RamSmash allows the user of the computer to asses, access, and control, contain, and manage his computer’s memory, which is one of the most crucial components of the computer.

With RamSmash, the ability of modifying the computer’s memory has never been this easy! Any one could possibly do it, no need to call on highly specialized and trained computer technicians in order to manage the memory. No need to download complicated programs in the internet and buy expensive geeky software that promises a total control over the computer’s memory. There are lots of software programs available for managing the computer’s memory for better performance but a lot of them only fail to achieve the desired results by the user. Most of them fail to use these programs correctly because of the complicated user interface, options, and menus. With RamSmash, almost anyone could use the program efficiently and navigate through the options and menu fast.

By using RamSmash, the user is ensured of having a computer system that is healthy and always refreshed because of RamSmash’s ability to instantly manage the memory to its proper allocation and working status. There is no more worry of persistent freezing and bumps because with Ram Smash, every byte is well taken care of!

With the ability of the user to allocate memory that will be used for the basic operations up to the most complicated ones, RamSmash can instantly allot the requested number of memory and reserve the remaining memory for future use. Truly an innovative product!

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Heap CRM

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Heap CRM is a breakthrough customer relations management software that  allows companies and group of professionals to send messages, emails, make reports, project analysis, and tweak project database in the most efficient and convenient way.

Heap CRM or customer-related management creates a seamless workflow for individuals and companies in managing their agenda, task, and everything that is related with managing their customers and clients. Clients are important and must be prioritized in order to fully maximize profits for certain deals and projects. With the use of the innovative Heap CRM, professional dealings with customers will be assured of highly organized and well-executed operations.

A customer-related management needs not to be complicated especially for groups of professionals who are focused on the daily operations and developments of their projects. That is why the engineers of the software Heap CRM made sure that by installing the breakthrough software in their systems, everything will be simpler, effective, and efficient.

Professionals can be assured of a user-friendly operation that will enable not only a single individual but all those who are involved in the project and customer-related operations will be able to use Heap CRM easily.  Members can be easily informed and be aware of the latest developments with clients and customers. In this manner, Heap CRM allows all of the involved parties to be transparent, making all the work more effective and efficient.

The user interface of Heap CRM allows the user to easily make emails, send data report, and manage customer related information and queries in the database. This efficient way of managing customer concerns will surely be a great benefit for everyone.

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Financer Lite

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Financer Lite is the latest and simplest yet effective way in managing financial activities. There is no other software that offers a tremendous amount of features with such friendly interface.

With Financer Lite, tracking and managing cash inflows and outflows has never been this easy! With the intuitive user interface that allows organizing by categories, Financer Lite has proven its worth by being the most user-friendly software when it comes to keeping track of one’s financial activities.

Withdrawals and deposits need not to be so complicated, and keeping a record should be an easy task with the use of Financer Lite, the latest in managing financial activities. Cash inflows and outflows are crucial to one’s company because operational funds serve as the lifeblood of the business, and maximizing income is the generic and ultimate goal of each profit-oriented company.

With the use of Financer Lite, financial data and activities of individuals and professional groups can be easily transmitted via email. If the user wants to be updated and wants to keep track of all his or her financial records, Financer Lite offers sending financial data via email so that no penny is left unnoticed.

Perfect for business on the go, Financer Lite allows the user to fully manage his or her cash outflow and inflows with just a tap on his or her mobile device. Having Financer Lite as a daily companion in organizing financial activities will surely be a wise move especially for those who are concerned where their precious earnings go.

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Access Administrator Pro 5.01

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Access Administrator Pro 5.01 is the latest breakthrough in file sharing and access security. This innovative program allows total control of the files that can be accessed, used, and shared in the local directories of a windows based computer.

With Access Administrator Pro 5.01, the user is entitled to deny files to be shared and to be accessed; moreover, select only the files that are publicly open as well as select and hide the valuable and crucial files in the local drives.

Security issues especially in today’s modern world of technological advancements are so complicated and dynamic that is why the brilliant engineers of Access Administrator Pro 5.01 made sure that they created a program that will have total access and control over files and database in local hard drives. In this manner, there will be no security threat like unauthorized viewing of files, copying of sensitive information, and penetrating of database. Full control with Access Administrator Pro 5.01 will ensure the individual or the businesses’ computer systems to be intact and well-distributed, or well-secured, for that matter.

Access Administrator Pro 5.01 has one of the best user interfaces that one can use. It allows simple navigation, and menus and options are not hidden and buried deep into sub-menus. Access Administrator Pro 5.01 allows immediate control, changes and fixes on security options that are available for the user.

Access Administrator Pro 5.01 is available for previous models of Windows up to the latest, from Windows 95 up to Windows XP.

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