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PrimeDesktop Beta 3.0

Friday, July 30th, 2010

PrimeDesktop is described as an administrative program which usually works by allowing easy, but ultimately detailed planning and drawing of an entire network. The planning and drawing of an entire network comes with the ability to place, move and manipulate all entities within the network map such as desktops, server and infrastructure objects. PrimeDesktop requires Java 6 to operate effectively.

It is belief that this tool is the simply the best for professional and non-professionals alike. It is highly user-friendly as it can easily be used by just about anyone who may wish to try it.

PrimeDesktop is designed with unique features that stand it out. Some of its main features include: Network Rules; OS list; it can import and export Network rules; it can also import and export OS list; Hardware, Software and Network-Overview cleanup; Graphical Interface clean up; has the capacity to Device Properties save and display corrections; Device network info panel enhancements; Settings simplification; and Code clean up and bug patches.

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ArtistScope DRM 1.4

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Every organization has some important and vital files and documents that are required to be kept confidential from the general public and even close allies. Specially, in case such documents and files are available online and can be easily hacked by experts, even if they are password protected. Any leak can prove to be detrimental to the organization and its processes. Especially in the professions of Law and financial audits, it becomes immensely significant and imperative to form a protective shield to save them from any malevolent intentions. ArtistScope DRM 1.4 is a document protection application with certain enhanced tools that provides total control to the user and keeps the desired files completely safe.

ArtistScope DRM 1.4 opens with a neatly arranged interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and the main screen displaying the documents list. The software is perfectly capable of protecting imagery and web pages wherein different permissions are assigned to specific groups. These rights, when assigned become specifically for the users as defined and hence any copies of such documents cannot be accessed by them. Tokens and certificates cannot be forged in this way and the system is checked thoroughly for access rights. The protected documents can be password encrypted and limited in terms of access by users and even systems and further document conversion and distribution can be managed online easily. The user can assign administrators and other special users to update the permissions and even suspend the document availability at any time. This enhanced utility facilitates total control in document management and encryption and certainly proves to be a practical solution for all.

To sum up, ArtistScope DRM comes across as a useful and constructive application for document management and shielding.

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Netoptima 1.9.20

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Since computer systems are widely used in every industry vertical nowadays owing to its maximum flexibility and precise performance. While browsing the computer for any routine searches, unwanted images can pop up which can be both distracting and embarrassing for anyone. Further, since the internet is economically available for domestic usage, such unsolicited content can be easily accessed by kids who are computer literate and know how to avoid getting caught by deleting the history. Parents have turned to software based solutions for blocking pornographic and other harmful content with their varied expertise and Netoptima 1.9.20 performs the said blocking functions effectively by blocking its entrance into the network.

Netoptima upon launch opens with a bright looking interface with vivid hues and main options arranged in bright red tabs on the top panel. Since there are no permanent solutions available to block porn content on your network the application works effectively to block it before it enters the network and system. The software is easy to install and administer and is the perfect utility for internet users and a single installation can work for the entire network; thus ruling out the inconvenience of installing it on each system separately. The software’s precision rate is 99.9 % accurate and it carefully blocks porn and manages domain filters too, and further contains P2P blocking and statistical filtering. The application logs all domains visited by users by time, IP addresses and URL and imports it to Excel. Since pornography flows through P2P networks, the software blocks it from entering into your network making it completely safe and secure.

To sum up, Netoptima 1.9.20 comes across as an immensely practical utility with varied expertise to block the porno content that is so persistently polluting young minds.

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Fishing Simulator Office 2010

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Fishing is termed as the art of catching fish and other aquatic animals that are caught in the wild in their natural habitat and involves a variety of methodologies like hand gathering, angling and netting. Majority of people across the world living in coastal landscapes have taken up fishing as a profession; others do it as a leisure time chore to unwind themselves from the daily grind. However, there is a huge difference in commercial fishing and its recreational form as the former involves venturing deep into the seas and facing the wide oceans while the latter can be enjoyed on the computer system too with the help of Fishing Simulator Office 2010 1.2; a unique gaming application with versatile scope.

Fishing Simulator Office 2010 opens with a vivid looking screen with the chief options placed at the bottom of the screen. The software facilitates full enjoyment of the fishing activity without venturing out of the comfort of your home and offers a wide range of 50 quaint and fresh locations which include the waters of the Caribbean seas to the depths of the Scottish lochs along with giant water reservoirs and shallow streams, the user gets to see the exquisite views of the world and get to use a wide variety of tackle as per the fishing conditions. All kind of fish are available for the user to catch and provides interesting intricacies in its graphics along with real fishing scope. A relaxing music playing in the background will make it pleasant feel for the users and proves to be a must for fishing lovers.

To sum up, Fishing Simulator Office 2010 1.2 comes across as a vibrant application with immense scope and several options.

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IndustryPlayer 6.40

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Anyone wishing to start a business must be prepared to face major difficulties and sweat it out in the heat of competition to gain a foothold in the market. Further, prior to making any fat investment, it is vital to perform apposite research into market and competition to test the viability of the business and its long term prospects. Deciding on the core business proposition is a tricky task too as any decision involves its own set of risks and potentials and it becomes important to tally the risks versus potentials before starting out. Numerous business schools and institutes that teach aspiring individuals the rules of the game; however a unique concept of learning the tricks of the trade is made available with IndustryPlayer 6.40 as per which the player can virtually set up a business empire.

IndustryPlayer opens with a vivid looking interface with the chief options placed at the bottom and the main screen offering a display of industry verticals and on the bottom right corner, specific strategies and elements are placed for user reference pertaining to a successful business plan. This unique game gives a premise of a business plan as per which the user takes the role of an entrepreneur building industrial companies in up to 16 real industry verticals. The level one provides a seed capital amount of 10 million dollars and the virtual consultants available facilitate intelligent decision making in terms of investments. Moreover, the user can have own accounting system and industry analysis tools and charts with varied statistics and ratios. This game can be a useful practice session for budding businessmen as it provides real time experience in market dynamics and other business related concepts.

To sum up, IndustryPlayer 6.40 comes across as an efficient tool which provides an outline for real time aspiring businessmen.

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iSudoku 2.3.2

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Today you would hardly find anyone with an interest in mind games, who is not aware of the popular Sudoku game consisting of the premise of number placement in a 9” to 9” grid with digits placed facilitating each of 3 by 3 grids composed contain the all digits from 1 to 9. The said puzzle was first popularized in the year of 1986 by the Japanese company called ‘Nikoli’ with the name of Sudoku and gained international stardom in the year 2005 with its uniqueness. Number games and puzzles have always been very popular with people with a mathematical streak and who like challenging games. iSudoku 2.3.2 is one such gaming application that provides innovative steaks of math based puzzles and can be quite addictive.

iSudoku 2.3.2 upon launch opens with a vivid looking interface and chief options placed at the top panel. The main screen displays the colorful Sudoku grid which the user has to resolve. This addictive game is immensely constructive to exercise the brain or simply for leisure, this game offers a fresh approach and adds fun. The software also proves to be a great tutor for enabling mastering of this unique game and the hint system that enables learning various Sudoku techniques easily and also helps in creating and solving numerous puzzles in five distinctive difficulty levels. Multiple undo and redo features are also available and four different text formats are made available for opening and saving besides offering the facility to design a personalized puzzle game. With all the aforementioned powerful features and tools this gaming utility offers multiple challenges and techniques to master this game.

To conclude, iSudoku 2.3.2 comes across as an enhanced puzzle game that keep you glued to the screen for hours.

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Jpeg Enhancer 1.8

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Since the advent of digital imagery, diverse imaging formats have been introduced for organizing and storing digital images having different file sizes and compression levels. The Joint Photographic Experts Group i.e. the JPEG is one of the most commonly used image format and used by other photographic image capture devices too; in order to transmit and upload imagery across the World Wide Web. Major photo organizers and mangers along with photo editing applications use this format that often results in compromising the image quality. Computer aided applications and software has majorly assisted in enhancing business procedures and has helped in improvising preexisting applications. Jpeg Enhancer 1.8 is an effectual utility for enhancing the JPEG images in a smooth and user friendly manner.

Jpeg Enhancer 1.8 opens with a neatly arranged interface with the chief options placed at the top along with vivid icons. The main screen is divided into two parts with a before and after like options with first part showing the sourced image and the second part showing the processed image. Many times, during photography whenever we do not set the image resolution to 100%, the resultant image tends to become mottled and can be ruined too due to JPEG artifacts. The software enables the user to remove such artifacts from images and restores quality to 100% scientifically and further repairs the image and can be of constructive use for graphic designers and professional photo publishers making the compressed images ready to publish and print. Furthermore, this software also includes a plug-in for creating thumbnails of images in online photo galleries.

To conclude, Jpeg Enhancer earns rich rankings owing to the intuitive premise and constructive approach.

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Digital Music Studio

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

We all are aware about recording studios in the field of music wherein the facility of sound recording and music mixing is available and the give space is especially intended to achieve the desired sound quality and sound diffusion along with other various properties. In the media line, there are different types of recording studios available for diverse purposes like voiceovers for animated motion pictures and advertisement commercials and consist of a set up with a room for the recording artists and orchestras and another for controlling the recording replete with requisite equipment. To have all these tools in a virtual music studio provides the necessary freedom to create and edit music and Digital Music Studio promises effectual functioning and inserting various effects and usages.

Digital Music Studio opens with a vibrant interface with the chief options placed at the center intuitively along with vivid looking icons. The software can simplistically be used to extract music from a CD and also record audios in any format. Also, the user can burn the improved and converted audio files to a disc and also use the in-built advanced audio editor to create music and transfer it to a CD or even share it with friends. The user can digitize sound recordings to the hard disk of the system and in a way that it facilitates recording the song on an audio CD. Also, it also assists in recording audio data from a microphone along with other input devices too. Furthermore, the user can also display a waveform window of an audio file and apply zooming effects for better results.

Overall, Digital Music Studio comes across as a utility that facilitates efficient music recording and provides various versatile features to enhance the experience.

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bitTerGrape 0.01.12

Monday, July 26th, 2010

bitTerGrape is a tool designed to allow hard drive stored data checking in a lot of ways and consequently preventing their damage and or loss due to hardware failure. Based on randomly selected access and reading, this solution is by far compromising in comparison with full disk scans but more effective and useful.

Looking further, users can set few parameters affecting performance and region of interest. bitTerGrape is often up-dated to keep minimal requirements and maximal performance, which makes it useful to browse websites every quarter minimally. It is a freeware which can be downloaded and used for non-commercial purposes only. It can not be sold or modified.

This utility is best suited for systems that contains a lot of unused files, created system lifetime and new left behind. This data may be not only secret but hard to find and therefore is not enough time or experience to select them. This utility best suits such situation because it can search for data like the ones mentioned and then remove them on the authority of the user.

The utility is designed for mass file attributes changes, making use of standard Windows graphic user interface to select group files and make changes.

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FBackup 4.4.213

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

FBackup is a freeware for both commercial and personal use to backup program for Windows. FBackup is used to protect important files and folders from partial or total loss by automating backup tasks, password protecting and compressing it to save storage space for better functioning of computers. With FBackup users can easily backup to any local or network drive or to destinations such as USB/firewire connected devices or mapped network locations.

FBackup main features includes: automatic backup which allows users to set and run backup at the scheduled date automatically; backup with standard zip compressed; exact copies of files (it can make exact copies of the backup source); capacity to run action before and after backup; easy to use; automatic updates; multiple backup destinations; backup plugins; backup open files; and multi-language.

FBackup is surely better because it is more focused, although it is still quite not what many users were expecting. FBackup is stable and well done program. Also some essential features like file copying are missing, and this is a must for many users.

The major functions of FBackup program is the backup and restores operations. This program usually makes it quite easy for users simply by offering friendly wizards.

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