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Ashampoo Burning Studio 11.0.4

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Ashampoo Burning Studio is one of the best all-round tools for all CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disc burning tasks. The main focus of this faster, more powerful premium version is even better authoring capabilities for building video and audio discs using the latest formats. HD and Full HD video are now fully supported for Blu-Ray discs, and all the encoding is handled by Ashampoo Burning Studio. The new integrated editor creates DVD and Blu-Ray video discs with automatically generated or self designed menus. Each menu page can use a different theme and background music. The install size has definitely increased, and it now requires additional space on your system. However, this version provides ideal solutions for smartphones, social networks, cloud services and modern multi-core processors.

Ashampoo Burning Studio comes with a lot of key features including the following; achieve higher speeds for far quicker burning results with its new multi-core support, includes the most important functions for anyone who wants to burn data quickly, easily gain access to your contents from online resources such as Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or Dropbox, a single interface that allows you to access all available resources, internal (e.g. hard disc drives) as well as external (e.g. digital cameras) or online (e.g. Flickr). Selected files can be viewed using the integrated preview and be added to your project, and many more.

Want to check it out? Visit Ashampoo.

Local Website Archive 12.0 Beta 1

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Local Website Archive is a program that offers a fast and easy way to store websites from your browser permanently for future reference. Information on the web often vanishes quickly, sometimes before you even have a chance to make use of it. Version 12.0 already features a number of new additions such as; options to automatically show the note field in the main window (if a note is available) – PRO edition, new column “Rating” to rate a document with up to 5 stars – PRO edition, Automatically add/list archived documents from WebSite-Watcher (via bookmark action) while Local Website Archive is running (in previous versions this was only done when LWA was started), Note field can be displayed and edited within the main window – PRO edition, and a few others.

Local Website Archive is an advanced program that also includes a lot of key features such as; save web pages for future references, works with browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and IE based browsers, works with online tools (newsreader, e-mail clients, etc.), Archive PDF documents, can be used to archive pages from website watcher, powerful search features, collect, find and reuse information, and a few others.

Want to check it out? Visit

CoffeeCup Free HTML 9.7

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

CoffeeCup Free HTML is a streamlined editor designed to make Web publishing a breeze, even for the novice with little experience. CoffeeCup comes with seven preloaded HTML templates, and with the option to create your own templates. The program features wizards for inserting links (text or JavaScript drop-down boxes); meta tags; and text with paragraph, break, and style shortcuts; as well as wizards for colors and fonts. Also includes 35 background images, 60 button and bullet images, and 60 preloaded Web themes. You can save your page as an HTML file or as an Express file to reopen later. Has one-button FTP upload capability that you can use to send files to your Web server.

CoffeeCup Free HTML enables you to achieve a lot of things; especially with the inclusion of a wizard that makes things quite easy. Some of the things you can do with the program include the following; add custom spell-check dictionaries for error-free code in any language, Quick Start window lets you specify global settings for your page, which helps you get set up quickly, upload your web-pages with a click of the mouse! Our built-in FTP client keeps website updates simple, comes with thousands of professional-quality web graphics, and many more.

Want to check it out? Visit

MAPILab POP3 Connector 2.5.1

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

MAPILab POP3 Connector enables various companies to solve an actual problem of downloading mail from external POP3 servers and its delivering to recipients located on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 in the most effective and simple way. Using an external server which downloads mail allows you to limit access to Microsoft Exchange Server form the internet. MAPILab POP3 Connector enables you collecting mail from personal mailbox located on an external POP3 server and delivering it to the specified recipient. MAPILab POP3 Connector can also download mail from catch-all mailboxes and automatically identify the recipient located on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007/2010.

The program includes a host of key features that include the following; flexible settings for frequency of mailbox processing, enables you to collect mail from personal mailbox located on an external POP3 server and delivering it to the specified recipient, allows you to collect mail using a secure SSL protocol (you are able to customize delivery of messages using standard or secure connection for each mailbox), use a special tool for migration from Native POP3 Connector for Exchange Server 2003 to MAPILab POP3 Connector for Exchange Server 2007/2010, adjustable and convenient system of control and audit, and many more.

Want to check it out? Visit

Executor 0.99.11b

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Executor is a multipurpose launcher and a more advanced and customizable version of windows run. Many features like: customizable keywords, history, auto-completion (keywords, history, and file system), drop-down or vista like list, each keyword can be assigned a hotkey. The program can automatically match start-menu items, control panel items, user defined paths and other handy items, start-menu importer, a “Find [text]” keyword that uses Windows Instant Search (Vista) or Windows Desktop Search (XP etc). Executor has a lot of features and highly advanced features that may not be included in other programs of similar category. It combines a host of advanced features that enable you achieve so much if you have the relevant experience to handle it.

Executor has a lot of key features that include the following; auto-completion for keywords, file system and history (can also be configured), URL detection, Enter URLs directly (like Google, Mail.Google etc.), add keyword integration with popular services like Gmail, Twitter, GCal, RTM and many others (see forums for how-to’s, tutorials and tips), optional show icon for current keyword/input, optional show drop-down box for current keyword/input (auto-completion), layout can be customized, set colors, font, dimensions, position, transparency and a host of others.

Want to check it out? Visit Executor.

School Track 6.0

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

School Track is a robust solution for managing student attendance on school campuses. It enables schools to track student attendance and tardiness, issue tardy slips and hall passes, assign warnings and detention. School Track also allows parents to receive e-mail notification of any infraction occurred. Schools can also process late students quickly and automatically assign and manage detention for repeat offenders. Produce professional photo ID cards and paper badges. Easily deploys campus-wide and integrates with existing systems. Certainly this is one program that takes a lot of workload off the shoulder of most parents and schools because of the kind of features included by the publisher.

School Track 6.0 is however; a commercial demo that still requires a couple of fixes. The program is a bit on the high side in terms of price; and users may have to part with $1,499. School Track has a number of key features that include the following; opportunity to design ID cards of any size, add text and graphics, add photo, signature and biometrics, include barcode and magnetic stripe, print on plastic card printers, and a few others. School Track is compatible with the following operating systems; Windows 7, 2000, 2003/Home Server/Vista and XP.

Want to check it out? Visit Jollytech.

Startup Defender 3.2

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Startup Defender is a small Windows startup manager program that sits in your Windows tray and constantly monitors in real time the startup locations on your PC to help prevent programs from auto starting up behind your back. As soon as any program tries to write itself into any startup location, Startup Defender will pop up as window and ask if the program is allowed to place itself to start automatically with Windows. Also you can disable/enable any programs that are currently installed to startup automatically.

If there is an entry you are not sure what it is then you can Google it to see if it is needed or even harmful and choose if you want it to load it at startup or not. For the annoying programs that try to repeatedly place themselves in the autorun for Windows you can click the auto block so that Startup Defender stops them without you having to bother with them anymore. The new addition to this program allows you to view all processes and services then selectively start/stop each one. Some of the features of the program include the following; speedup your PC by removing unwanted programs from Windows autorun, Auto block programs from starting, easy Windows startup manager, and many more.

Want to check it out? Visit ZardsSoftware.

Visual Graph 11

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Visual Graph is a standard ActiveX component for developing graphics-related applications of various industries, such as power, coal, chemical, automation monitor, simulation, graphical modelling, graphical topology analysis, vector drawing, tables, geographic information system (GIS), workflow, very wide range of applications, particularly suitable for developing the WEB-based B/S network applications.

Visual Graph is so powerful but has the small size, it can implement almost any operation industrial instrument without any third-party technology, such as knife, switch, instrument panel, temperature meter, cylinder, liquid tank, conveyor belt for coal mine, fan, LED display, slider, signal light, special-shaped button, histogram, pie chart, curve, and so on. That makes it a very suitable for industrial automation monitor, simulation, power, coal, chemical trades. The program Graph has the similar designer as Visio, it can convert the vector graphics from AutoCAD, MapInfo, Visio, CorelDraw and other popular graphics software, allows users to easily create their own vector graphic symbols. Besides, supports drawing tables, the program also enables you to create the topological connection between graphs.

Visual Graph is a very expensive program, and not many users would want to pay that much. However, this does not take anything away from the program because it is still worth checking out.

Want to check it out? Visit Visual-Graph.

PHP Barcode Generator Script 2011

Monday, January 16th, 2012

PHP Barcode Generator Script is easy to embed in HTML as a high-quality image with the IMG tag and is compatible with all browsers, because all of the barcode generation routines are provided in a single PHP script file. This script supports linear barcode types including Code 128 (with character sets A, B and C), GS1-128 or UCC/EAN-128, Interleaved 2 of 5, MSI, Industrial 2 of 5, USPS Postnet and Planet. Generated PHP barcode images may be specified as a URL to allow use for several types of implementations. PHP Barcode Generator supports popular symbologies such as; Code 128, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, MSI and Postnet.

PHP Barcode Generator Script has a lot of features that include the following; easily generates server-side PHP barcodes on any compatible website from a single script file, no components or fonts to install – the PHP barcode script file is all that is needed, fast and efficient – streams server-side 1 bit bitmap files to the browser without any temp files generated on the server, several parameters are supported including pixel height, orientation, N-dimension and X-dimension, generated PHP barcode images may be specified as a URL to allow use for several types of implementations, and many more.

Want to check it out? Visit PHP-Barcode-Generator-Script.

Internet Notifier 1.0

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Internet Notifier is an application that allows you to track changes in required information on different resources beginning with files on disks and ending with blogs, forums and other resources. The program will allow you to keep abreast of the news and to track any replies on forums and comments on blogs, and creation of new topics and entries. Internet Notifier will notify you about changes on various information resources: rates, ratings, stock prices, and a host of others.

For each resource, a task can be created with applicable parameters; and created tasks can be grouped, changed, deleted, dragged, etc. Internet Notifier can support a variety of protocols including the following; http, https, ftp, and file. You can easily enter the authentication data if the required resource is password protected. Intellectual data analysis will not disturb you with false alerts for changed banners or such things as changes in the number of forum topic views. The system of intellectual analysis has flexible customization as well as predefined profiles for well-known forums, blogs, etc. Internet Notifier can also use several types of signals for changes in required information. The resource with changes can be quickly and easily opened with one mouse click in the notification window.

Want to check it out? Visit Internet-Notifier.

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