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Tired of IE and Firefox? Go to the Opera!

Monday, October 1st, 2007

The Opera web browser may not get as much of the spotlight as its more famous cousins Internet Explorer and Firefox do, but it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with in the world of Internet Browsers. It aims to be and claims to be the fastest and most secure web browser on earth!

Which is a big thing to claim. As far as speed goes, it certainly lives up to its claim as pages seem to load fast and smoothly.

It has some unique features, such as widgets you can add, as well as a large selection of skins and customization options. The latest version comes with anti-fraud protection to keep you safer online.

I recommend checking out Opera if you want a fast, safe, feature filled, regularly updated browser and are looking for a change from the big two (IE and Firefox)

You can download opera for free at the homepage here.

Automate Your Sync Process On Opera Easily With OSync

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

1159554228-1.jpgThere are so many different problems that occur when you change computers that for the most part people really hate having to do so. There are large things like the transfer of large files and programs as well as the establishing of a similar operating system set of parameters to the one that was on the previous computer and then there are the smaller things like bookmarks. Bookmarks might seem like a very small thing to some people, but when you consider that a lot of people put their web development hopes and dreams in bookmarks, what you are going to find is that the bookmarks must be transferred if the person’s normal online existence can continue.

If you happen to be using Opera, then the oSync 1.0.1 can definitely help you through it.  It allows you to automate the sync processes between two different systems and furthermore even sit and watch while the software does all of the work for you. The latest version of the software allows for threaded syncing, which happens to increase sync speed dramatically.  In addition to that, a lot of merging work has been done so that a lot of previous errors from merging operations are now non-existent.

Give it a try if you’re on Opera as it is free to use; more information can be found at

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