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Smart PDF Converter

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Many websites on the Internet utilize pdf files in displaying tutorials, e-books and other documents online. But in order to create content within your pdf files, you need an editor where you can write the content. If you’re using MS Word, you need to convert your .doc to .pdf. To convert your .doc and other files to pdf, try Smart PDF Converter.

Smart PDF Converter offers features to convert different files like doc, xls, and html among others to pdf file. It seems to converts document faster than any other pdf converter programs available.

It’s main window is very user friendly, as tasks are labeled according to functions, captions of the functions of each of the objects on the screen. The program is also easy to understand and use, as large icons are used to emphasize each task and short tips and tutorials are available within the screen. It doesn’t even take you a minute to convert a file to pdf.

It supports conversion not only of documents, but also spreadsheets files (xls), picture files (jpeg, gif, png, and tiff) and other source files like HTML and notepad’s txt files. It produces high quality pdf file output, perfect for your needs whether you use it on your website or upload it to the Internet. Also when converting pictures, you have the option to fine-tune the photo output quality simply by using a slide bar.

Aside from converting different files to pdf, the program also has the feature to convert pdf files to word document, excel spreadsheet, jpeg, tiff and HTML. It also give you the option on what the output looks like through the advanced setting menu.

Other features include installation of add-Ins into Microsoft Word that allows you to open pdf file in Microsoft Word. You can now edit your pdf file as if it’s an original word document. There’s also a Virtual PDF printer that supports printing and the program allows you to password protect your pdf files to ensure that you’re the only one that has the authority to edit your pdf files.

Smart PDF Converter is perfect for users who maintain a website that contains pdf files like a free tutorial site. The program provides a fast way to convert files to pdf and vice versa without sacrificing output quality.

You can download or purchase the product at

Sumatra PDF

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Portable document format (pdf) is the most common file format available today both on the Internet and offline because it’s very portable and easy to read. But in order to open and view a pdf file, you need software capable of opening a pdf file format. Adobe Acrobat Reader, the most popular free pdf reader has been in the market for many years now and is still providing quality service for viewing pdf files. The problem of Adobe Acrobat Reader is its file size and resource usage (it needs at least 200 MB free hard drive). So why need that much resources when there is another free pdf reader that doesn’t need that much?

Sumatra PDF Reader is just another pdf reader that does the same thing as the popular Adobe Reader, but does not require that much hard drive space. It’s more like a portable installer because when you install it, the program won’t write anything on your computer registry or on your hard drive’s program files, it will directly open the user environment where you can view your pdf files. It offers what you need and want from your pdf reader; open pdf files, scroll down every page, zoom viewing percentage, and copy texts and images to clipboard.

The program even provides great flexibility on how you view your pdf file either single page or continuous, and even allow you to rotate your pdf files. The program even allows you to open pdf files to Adobe Reader to show its compatibility with with it. This software runs smoothly on your computer in fact, you don’t even notice that you’ve opened it because it does not affect your computer performance or hog system resources. It’s a Windows program and runs only on Windows 2000 and its later versions.

Sumatra PDF Reader is perfect for users who only need the basic tasks for accessing their pdf files and don’t want to be using unnecessary computer resources or memory hogs. Sumatra PDF Reader comes in handy with its file size and ease of installation.

Available as freeware from its official homepage here SumatraPDF

Sumatra PDF – Freeware PDF Reader

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Adobe Reader is the regular program for looking at PDF files. In fact, the PDF file format was created by Adobe. The problem with Adobe Reader is that its a large program for what it performs. It also has a high memory use, along with very sluggish start up, there’s also unnecessary and complicated features.

Luckily, alternatives exist.

Foxit PDF Reader, also a free reader, is the most long-familiar contender to Adobe Reader. Now here we have another better and lighter reader, Sumatra PDF. Another attraction is that it’s open source.

Sumatra PDF is a stripped-down application, with very few buttons, only: open, back, forward, zoom in, and zoom out. You can also choose to alter the view (zoom, page layout etc.) in the toolbar. Viewing the same document as the other two, Sumatra consumes just 7MB of memory, and opens nearly instantly.

The Sumatra PDF installation file weighs in at under 1MB, in comparison to Foxit’s under 2 MB, and Adobe Reader’s oversized 20MB.

The program takes up less than 1mb of space after its installation (only one .exe and an uninstaller). Also, registry entries are not needed, so it has portability too. Worth trying out if you are sick of waiting on Adobe Reader to finally open and like small, lightweight yet useful software.

Check it out here

GreenPrint – a greener way to print

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Many full filing cabinets and full wastepaper baskets later, and it looks like an entirely “paperless” office is not as easy as it seems.

I’m sure you’ve probably had the experience of printing things out and ending up having to throw unnecessary pages in the trash immediately. Usually this is due to your mindless printer insisting on printing ever page you don’t need along with the single one you do need, these are usually the ones filled with legal smallprint, etc.

GreenPrint World is an interesting (and free) program that can help you reduce some of the wasted paper in your business or home. It views what you’re printing out and tries to work out if there’s a way to print less.

It’ll show you what’s about to be printed, with the choice of not printing those useless pages, saving you from wasting paper and trees! Get rid of images if all you really need is the text, or vice versa.

A cool feature is how it keeps track of how much paper and ink you’ve saved! Alternatively, it gives you the choice to simply PDF the output, and save all the paper that would have been needed!

You can download this freeware for both pc and mac by visiting the Greenprint website.

PDFCreator – Free PDF document creator

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Although they may not be the best thing in the entire universe, PDF files are surely allowed to be included in amongst some of the most practical things ever in the computer universe. They are a neat cross-platform file type for letting you have all-in-one text and image files.

As you’re probably aware of by now if you’ve spent any time at a computer, this comes in very useful for many different document types such as ebooks, instruction manuals, etc. Alas, producing those files can be somewhat bothersome, particularly in terms of how costly it can work out.

The full version of Adobe’s PDF creation software will cost you a pretty penny, and in reality you might not require all the features and functions that you’re purchasing with such a pricey package. So how about if you were capable of creating PDFs for a much more attractive price—nothing!

PDFCreator is a freeware program that permits you to produce PDF files on your own pc. It installs as a “virtual printer”, if your able to print a file, you will be able to make a PDF document. One feature is that you’re able to encrypt your files and then when you share them, they can be read, for instance, but no one will be able to copy the content from them or print them. The ability to mix multiple PDFs into one file lets it become simpler to keep track of your info. Additionally, PDFCreator is also able to convert your document files into a few other image formats.

Basically, this is handy and free program for creating PDF files, without all the unncessasary bells and whistles of the costly Adobe alternative. Check out the PDFCreator Homepage.

DoPDF- PDF conversion made easy

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

1171636577-1.jpgPDF files have really become the lifeblood of a lot of people. Whether you’re in online business and interested in making some money from viral e-books or alternatively whether you happen to just be a person looking to move some of your word files into formats that are harder to tamper with, PDF files are going to be what you turn to. Adobe perhaps did not know just how powerful and all-encompassing their concept was when they initially came up with it, but nevertheless it has and many different files have been created in PDF format to the betterment of the creator.

One thing that has really held back the PDF market in a lot of areas however is the lack of a really good free PDF converter. There is of course the very expensive Adobe software and then a lot of really ineffective trials or freeware, but the doPDF 5.2.230 software is quite different. It installs itself as a virtual printer, meaning that you can actually access it by looking at your list of printers in Windows. Furthermore, in order to convert your documents to PDF all you have to do is print to that printer and it will handle the rest. It can convert MS Word documents to PDF documents quite easily.

The best thing is that it’s free! More info can be found at

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