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Advanced eBook Processor 2.2

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Advanced eBook Processor is a program created for the purpose of decrypting eBooks in Adobe PDF files protected using standard security method. This program ensures that all decrypted files can be opened in any PDF viewer without unnecessary restrictions; with edit, copy, print, annotate functions enabled. Interestingly, all versions of Acrobat are supported by Advanced eBook Processor 2.2.

Some of the latest changes that can be easily noticed in version 2.2 include; addition of support for Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader 2.2, display of version Acrobat Reader, and ability of Demo version to decrypt 25% pages.

This is not a freeware program, but users can try it out for free when they visit the publisher’s site to download and try it. That means all your decrypted PDF files can be viewed more than it used to be. Imagine being able to decrypt files of all Acrobat reader version in one application. It comes with features that lets you see detailed information such as; name of file, size of file, book identity, author, title of book, publisher, category, number of pages, etc.

You can start by downloading and installing a trial version before downloading it to have a picture of how it works. Not too difficult to understand, but can be a bit technical for some new users.

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Lingoes 2.7.1

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Lingoes 2.7.1 is a very easy to use application with an intuitive dictionary and text translation software. It offers lookup dictionaries, full text translation, and captures word on screen; and translates selected text and pronunciation of words in over 80 different languages. A few of some of the languages it feature include: Greek; English; Swedish; French; German; Korean; Spanish; Portuguese; Russian; Hebrew; Turkish; Chinese; Japanese; Polish; Arabic; and many more.

Some latest changes in this freeware program include; provision of plugin for Adobe Acrobat pro, support for cursor translator more fluently in Firefox 3, innovative word translator that can translate as many as 23 languages of text into your native or other languages, and a natural voice that can perfectly pronounce word just like a native English speaker.

Lingoes 2.7.1 has so many wonderful features and languages that can compete on a level ground with some commercial programs. As a matter of fact, it can open so many cross language design; including opening dictionaries management. The publishers also have online translation services that enable users enjoy massive text translation. Amazingly, there are various thesauruses and dictionaries also available for download at no cost at the publisher’s site. Some of these features and benefits can only be found in some full commercial programs; not on freeware program like Lingoes.

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Unstoppable Copier for Windows 5.2

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

If you want a program that has all the features that could help you recover files from disks with physical damage, think of having Unstoppable Copier for Windows. With Unstoppable Copier for Windows 5.2 application, you can copy files from disks with problems such as bad sectors, scratches; and as a matter of fact, scratches that just give errors when data is being read. It has built-in features that will attempt to recover every file that is readable. Imagine bringing back to life all those files confined because of some scratches.

Unstoppable Copier is the perfect program when it comes to those old disks that cannot be read anymore in the CD-ROM. It has the ability to recover virtually every file; and delivers quality that many other freeware programs cannot compete with. As a matter of fact, it works even better than what I thought the first time I got to know about it.

The program can also be used as daily backup system using its batch mode functions. A list of transfers can be saved to a file and then run from the command line to perform the same batch of transfers on a regular basis without having to use the GUI interface.

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Cloudy DVD Ripper 3.02

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Digital technology has been on a steady rise since the arrival of computer systems and has been responsible for easing and simplifying multiple processes which encompasses the music industry as well miscellaneous processes that are important to professional and personal usage. Storing electronic data has become a cakewalk since the origin of digital technology that utilizes effective techniques to store diverse kinds of data along with having the facility to stock differently formatted data as well. Digital files can be accessed in diverse formats nowadays; however maintaining the tone and quality of the files are of major importance. An application like Cloudy DVD Ripper 3.02 can ensure ripping of movies from DVDs in a variety of formats without losing any quality.

Cloudy DVD Ripper opens with a neatly organized interface with the chief options placed at top right and the main screen displaying the four main options for ripping movies from DVD and a copier along with a video converter and YouTube downloader. The light blue hued background with a small cloud icon on top left gives the interface an interesting look and facilitates smooth navigation. The application is capable of extracting video from the DVD to all possible formats like AVI, MP3, WMV, RM, FLV and 3GP etc. and can be copied to blank DVD utilizing burning software. This comprehensive software contains easy to use tools which enable the user to have videos converted to popular formats watched on television and loaded to mobile phones as well or even on the web. The videos can be downloaded from the web from websites like Google, YouTube and converted to the desired formats with just a few mouse clicks.

To conclude, Cloudy DVD Ripper 3.02 certainly assures effectual performance with its high end tools and wide ranging features.

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Friday, September 17th, 2010

Any business organization is set up with an aim to excel and grow in its operations and approach and trains their workforce in a manner to assist them in sharing the same vision and accordingly work towards it under management guidance. Further, many multinational organizations take strict measures to facilitate adherence to the rules and regulations in office atmosphere and limit the usage of any medium that hampers the productivity of staff. Internet enabled websites and social networks are the major culprits for distracting the employees and hence are blocked in office space servers. However, keeping a track of internet usage and other applications in comparison to the work done is also an option that can be achieved with the help of Spytector that stealthily records each activity performed on the system and tracks it effectively.

Spytector opens with a neatly arranged interface with the chief options placed at the left and right panel. The grey and black interface and its compact look give it an interesting appeal that is pleasing to the eyes. This invisible keylogger can be effectively utilized to track and monitor all activities on a PC which includes visited websites, all keystrokes and both sides of chat conversations and all accessed windows and delivers the recorded log to the main user via e-mail and FTP. Furthermore, they also include protected storage passwords of Outlook and MSN along with Firefox and URL history. This invisible application stays hidden on the user’s system and cannot be seen in the task manager as well and integrates itself into the explorer upon start up and easily sends all details of the browser and is fully compatible with Windows 2000, 2007, Vista and XP.

Overall, Spytector certainly promises to be a hugely effective tool in combating inefficiency and lethargy at workplace.

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Bluejay 1.0

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Numerous media players with varied functionalities have come up over the past few years offering enhanced audio and video experience to the user with utmost flexibility and customization tools that offers the user ample opportunities to make the most of it. Different media players have diverse settings that can be altered by the user as per convenience. However, most of the media players do not include the features of modification or editing besides music and video playing which is USP of Bluejay 1.0; an application that offers multiple tools and features to the user for performing editing functions along with media playing functionalities and also manages the files effectively.

Bluejay 1.0 upon launch opens with a unique looking and compact interface in the form of an elongated vertically placed rectangle with a myriad of options placed across the screen to manage and list music and audio. It contains numerous controlling tabs to assist the user in editing audio and managing it as desired and the black and grey hued background makes it interesting in its appeal. This complete suite contains around fourteen audio components and multiple controls and flexible media management along with providing various effects to the user to insert in the music files. The equalizer and digital effects processor help the user adjust audio levels to for optimal listening and the integrated Mixer component controls the sound system and balance levels, besides other audio elements like bass and treble making the application immensely flexible. The enhanced features of this application are too many to list and hence it is highly recommended to music lovers who wish to augment their musical experiences.

To sum up, Bluejay certainly earns rich kudos for its unique working and functionalities that offer multiple services to the user for enhancing the musical experience.

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Friday, September 17th, 2010

Knights and dungeons were the premises of several fairy tales and comic books which as children we used to read in amazement and excitement. Several movies and games have been made out of these tales premising on medieval kings and gladiators with sword fighters and fire breathing dragons. Kings and stories of their wondrous kingdoms replete with multifaceted wizards and witches hike up the entertainment and fun value of the game or movie as these created with numerous spectacular looking special effects and multiple fantasy locations and creatures that make it a visual treat. A similarly premised game called Styrateg 1.05 has been developed to cater to such audiences and is an integrated mixture of action, adventure and excitement.

Styrateg consists of a vivid looking animated interface with vibrant hues and chief options placed at the right pane in the form of colorful icons and symbols. The screen displays the scenes of countryside and kings traveling and encountering vicious creatures and enemies. The story revolves around the kingdoms of ancient kings and includes unleashing of enemies and challengers that come from unknown places to spread disease across the place and dissipate all over disturbing the peace of the kingdom that forces the king to order his henchmen for destroying them all from the root. The kingdom have varied sorcerers and wizards with hidden knowledge and exploiting the braveness of the nobles and knights. The user will be transported to a magical world of fantasy and adventurous quests which will lead to deep forests, frozen lands and deep seas to unlock the mysteries from the codes buried in battlefields, ancient monasteries and villages.

To sum up, Styrateg 1.05 definitely comes across as an efficient application that provides ample opportunities for the user to have exciting escapades and journeys.

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Mousai Player

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Since the advent of computer systems and internet facility, every process pertaining to professional or personal requirement has been digitized and modernized for saving time and human effort and making them convenient and user friendly. Number of computer aided tools and devices have originated that make life easier and more fun for us and combines varied technology to present audio and video files with eLan. Numbers of media players have been introduced in the web market with advanced features and tools to make the audio and video experience more fulfilling for the user and encompass a myriad of characteristics that integrates several files in its interface. Mousai Player 1.1.0 is another addition in the list and includes convenient solutions for storing media files effectively.

Mousai Player opens with a vibrant looking interface with the main options located at the bottom panel and the left pane consisting of various audio-visual tracks. The intuitively designed screen is interesting in its appeal and the video screen displaying separately makes the viewing experience more improvised. The software is capable of storing all kinds of media files like music, video, imagery and even recordings and makes the access immensely functional and aesthetic in its appearance. The logical arrangement of icons and tabs makes the navigation neat and proper and proves to be a great utility for viewing the recorded audio-visual clips that have been downloaded or recorded from the web. The media player comes with a straightforward menu of multiple commands with a useful bar placed for information with great utility value and is also compatible with numerous media formats.

To sum up, Mousai Player 1.1.0 certainly shows promise in its usage and adaptability to the current interests of computer savvy audiences and hence scores a rating of five points for its sheer utility value and impressive performance.

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Win7DSFilterTweaker 3.5

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Win7DSFilterTweaker 3.5 tool gives you the opportunity to configure your preferred DirectShow filters within a few mouse clicks. The tool is so easy that you can make some very quick changes without any difficulty; as a matter of fact, you can undo any change without encountering any difficulty.

Windows 7 has its own DirectShow filters for decoding a vast majority of both video and audio formats. Third-party filters instead of the native filters cannot be possible without making some changes to the Windows Registry. Win7DSFilterTweaker 3.5 is useful for the Microsoft players, which include the Windows Media Player and Media Center. However, some third-party players have demonstrated capacity to use third-party filters without having to use Win7DSFilterTweaker 3.5. For those who would rather use ffdshow for decoding H.264 video, then this tool can be of great help. Its 32 and 64 is placed side by side, which makes it a more interesting tool.

Win7DSFilterTweaker 3.5 is packed with so many settings, which in my view makes it too vague. The publishers can do much better by making the settings distinct from one another, and help to make it easier for users to understand each of the settings better. However, Win7DSFilterTweaker 3.5 is a quality tool. It is freeware, and is available for free at the publisher’s site.

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StaxRip Beta

Friday, September 10th, 2010

StaxRip is one great program that can easily convert your DVD’s, DVB or DV captures or many other source formats. StaxRip Beta is an open source application that is free for download, and supports video formats such as: DivX; XviD; x264, MPEG-2; and MPEG-4. The program also has features that support audio formats like: MP3; AC3; AAC; DTS; WAV; Ogg; Vorbis; and MP2/MPA. StaxRip Beta also supports formats like: MPG; MKV; DIVX; MP4 and AVI.

This program is built with such wonderful features that make it one of the best user-friendly encoders around. The capacity to help you carry out all your conversion with so much ease can almost compete with MeGUI as one of the best freeware programs available. It requires a .NET 3.5x to run on your system; and even though you can find other competitive programs that work without the .NET program, I still find it good enough.

StaxRip Beta is has a clean layout, and wonderful programming, among others. Users of this program will find it more interesting especially when they discover how it can be used to transcode hundreds of amazingly different formats from thousands of video files. Users also have the benefits of enriched and improved options that can be customized easily.

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