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Google Chrome – New browser from google

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Google has always been one to step into unexpected new directions and the new web browser, Google Chrome, is no exception.

According to the official Google Chrome site, they’ve aimed to rewrite the typical browser to be faster and a lot more crash proof. This is done by running each tab as a separate process which you can close via a task manager-like interface if that particular page should freeze or have issues. Therefore you can just close that particular page and not have to worry about your entire browser crashing or locking up. You can import data from IE and Firefox such as bookmarks.

The interface is very minimalistic with the address bar/search bar ( they call it the “omnibox”) being an all in one search area. A user can type anything here and instantly get suggestions on where to go, taken from the user’s own browsing history and Google’s rankings of popular sites. Other features include an “Incognito” mode, which lets you surf in a tab without leaving any browser history. This is the first beta of Google Chrome, but i think it’s worth watching as they have some interesting ideas happening that could possibly make this browser very popular in the future.

If you want further info or take it for a test drive yourself, check out the official Google Chrome website.

My Portfolio 1.0

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Do you often need to startup your computer to get the updates relating to the Google finance portfolio courses? If you are fed up of this process, won’t you like to have something that could make the work easier? Now you can get all the updates at your mobile with My Portfolio 1.0. This software is easy to work and is a valuable addition to your phone. You can get the Portfolio updates as automatic or manual as per your needs. It is also capable of providing the history records of the portfolio courses so that you can get the required data whenever required. The interface is friendly and easy to use.

For adding, updating and managing your Google portfolio the software My Portfolio 1.0 is worth using as you can get information on your mobile phone when required. When you have transferred the file and installed the program at your phone then you can start working with it. Go to the Program or Own file for the program and set the login ID with the ‘Settings’. The Portfolio is shown in the list form; Symbol, Last Price, Change in Percent and Mkt Cap. You can view the details of all the items and for updating you can select to update ‘Manually’ or ‘Automatically’. You would get the updates that you can save. You can even have the glance over the history of the rates of Google finance course. You can have the history recorded by setting the Start and End date for it and select to connect. Having your Google finance portfolio on your mobile phone you need not to sit in front of your PC every time you want to know about any details.

My Portfolio 1.0 for the mobile phone gives you the freedom to stay away from your PC and still keep an eye on your Google finance portfolio. The software is sure to gain currency amongst many users owing to the convenience of accessibly it allows.

{More Info and Download}

AIM gets integrated into GMail

Friday, December 7th, 2007

This week sees a new addition to GMails ever growing bag of tricks, AIM compatibility! AIM, AOL’s popular instant-messaging service has been intergrated into Gmails Web-based e-mail client. This integration was possible due to the Open AIM SDK Library. So now when you open up your GMail you’ll be able to sign into your AIM Account by clicking Settings-Chat. Your AIM buddies will appear on the contact list in most frequent order and then you can hover over and get some basic buddy info.

So basically, now when people are using Gmail, they can see if the people they’re sending e-mail to are available for live chat on AIM (now possible directly in the Gmail interface) instead. A useful feature that’s sure to make a difference in many peoples lives if they frequently use both GMail and AOL Instant Messenger.

More info available here.

Gmail Notifier for Windows

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

notifier.jpgWhile many people have the gmail e-mail client as their primary mode of accessing e-mail, at the same time there are many people that don’t like it because of the lack of an easy way of knowing whether or not you have mail. If you use a device like MSN or Yahoo, then even if you don’t have an e-mail client running in the background you can still get information about e-mails that you get because of the alerts that pop up whenever an e-mail is received. The same thing happens in gtalk, but that software is as of yet not as popular in terms of market share as gmail has become relative to Microsoft and Yahoo products.

Therefore, the need for a program like the Gmail Notifier is quite obvious and the fact that this program is free is also something that should pique the interest of a lot of different people. The main point of this program is to sit in your system tray and display an icon whenever you receive a new e-mail message in your gmail account. Of course, like most other e-mail programs it does not differentiate between new and unread, so if you have an unread piece of junk e-mail that made it into your inbox a couple of weeks back, you might see that icon even if you don’t have any new e-mail.

Another drawback of this program is that there has been no update offered for it for more than two years, but the current version of is basically functional and will do the job of letting you know about new e-mails quite well.

More information can be found at

Day the music died: Mp3-killing threats hit the computer world

Friday, August 31st, 2007

virus_1.jpgIn case you haven’t heard, there’s a new internet security threat in the last few weeks that is sure to strike fear into any music fan.

An mp3-eating worm/virus has been unleashed recently. It copies itself to all drives on the infected computer and searches for mp3 files which it then proceeds to delete. In fact it’s main aim is to delete all mp3 files from all drives on the compromised computer!

It’s name is W32.Deletemusic. Thankfully, so far, it’s been given a low risk factor by the major antivirus companies, but apparently it’s not the first threat of this kind. Are more such threats on the way? Now you have an even better reason (as if you didn’t already) to make sure you have up to date antivirus protection.

Read the full story from Yahoo here and the Symantec page for it here

Blackle – Black Google Equals Greener Google?

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Do you wish you were doing a little more to help the environment? Here’s an alternative to the regular white homepage of Google. Its a black google page!

The idea behind it is that a black page background will use less electricity than a white one. So mathematically speaking, if lots of people were to use as their homepage instead of the default google homepage, a lot of eletricity could be saved, ok maybe not a lot but every little helps, right?

Its a good first step I guess, but the page could do with some extras such as the “advanced search” link etc.

Check it out for yourself at

Picasa – Easy photo management/sharing from Google

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Picasa is a free photo manager/viewer/uploader from Google. I had seen this around before but never tried it out before now, as i didn’t think it would be anything beyond too basic, but I must admit i’m pretty impressed.

The first time you launch it, it gives you the option to scan specific folders on your PC (like My Documents or My Pictures) or your entire hard drive for photos. It also has simple editing such as red eye reduction, crop, contrast, brightness, etc.

Its integration with other google services (for example blogger and picasa web albums) is useful and its speedy interface is fun and easy to use. I like how it puts a small arrow on the thumbnails you have already uploaded to web albums, allowing for easier management of large collections as you can see what you’ve already uploaded.

This program is definitely worth trying out if you’re someone who regularly shares a lot of photos online and has a large collection to manage.

Check it out here.

Take control of your ideas with Google Notebook

Friday, February 16th, 2007

google_notebook.gifI don’t know if you tried Google Notebook yet, but it’s REALLY cool. It’s like an online word processor, actually I take that back… it’s more like an online OUTLINE processor. That is to say it allows for a series of notes, which can expand and contract and can be ordered, so you can write first and set the running order of the notes later.

This makes it very easy to organise ideas and assemble them into a coherent whole. If you are writing documentation, essays, or ebooks, outline processors are the thing you would use to get your ideas started. And being online of course means you can continue working anywhere where there is a web browser and a keyboard.

Go to Google Notebook and try it out. It’s FREE!

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