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Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

A lot of people still use the same password for multiple websites, this is highly insecure, because if someone guesses or finds out your password, they also have access to all those sites you use it on.

But who wants to remember a whole bunch of passwords?

LastPass gives you the opportunity to make a master password for all applications and websites, your actual passwords are totally encrypted and nobody can decrypt them. This software captures your username and password upon sign-up or login and uses them later when you come back to the place you previously visited.

When you try to create a new password, LastPass gives you the opportunity to generate a strong password that is a combination of numbers, and small and capital letters.  In the browser’s toolbar you can automatically access different saved websites and you’ll be logged in straight away.

The software has two versions – free and paid. The one that you pay for hides all kinds of advertising, giving you a lot of space. This password manager will eliminate all duplicated and weak passwords that you possess, giving a lower chance for hackers to get to your information.

LastPass for applications captures and replays your passwords. This is a premium feature for paid users. You have to set up a strong master password, because anyone who has it can control everything that you have. If this password isn’t that strong, then you can also add multi-factor authentication.

The free edition of this software uses Google Authenticator. Thanks to this extra layer of authentication, only those who have your master password and smartphone can hack into your belongings. With the premium edition of the software, you can put a fingerprint authentication if your smartphone or laptop has this feature built-in. To make things impossible for hackers you can add an extra layer known as Yubikey. This is a tiny $25 USB that you can carry on your keychain. Once you associate it with the application, login will require both master password and this small device. If you don’t want to spend money on USB, there is an app called Sesame that you can put on any USB drive.

Check it out at the homepage LastPass.

CoffeeCup Password Wizard 5.0

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

You might have seen the pages that are password protected and require entering the required password for access to that page. Now if you have ever felt the need for creating such pages on your website then you will be glad to know that such pages can be made few simple step and selection with the CoffeeCup Password Wizard 5.0. For enabling the protection for the WebPages you need not to have any special knowledge of HTML or Flash. It supports you with the customization features to work, maintaining the look of your page. While you set the password protection, you can have the preview with the program or browser as you want. It also supports working in multiple framesets, and provides redirection for the incorrect logins.

The CoffeeCup Password Wizard 5.0 has a neat user interface with clean contours to work with. You can open the New Project and select the features for enabling the password protection. You can make the selections for the Appearance option. Select the background color and enable the transparent feature. Enter the required Caption like Username and Password and set the image or text for the Submit feature. You can make the selections for the Users by defining the URL and adding or deleting the users. You can also set the features with My Sites. When you have made the required selections then you can have the Preview and Get the Code. You can even save the project for further use. The password protection function is easy to upload to the website with the built in FTP Uploader in the program.

The CoffeeCup Password Wizard 5.0 lets you protect the WebPages so that only authorized people can access it. It ensures safety of the content and helps you to apply the password protection to the pages with your desired customizations.

{More info and Download}

LinkStash – Cross-Browser Bookmark management

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Linkstash is a program for managing your bookmarks. It has surprisingly cool and useful features, considering most “bookmark manager” things don’t really do anything too amazing or especially useful. It manages all your bookmarks and works with all the main browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Opera, very useful if you like to use more than one browser. It also opens and closes with the browser.

It has lots of features including :

  • Dead links checker and updater,
  • Favorites sync,
  • Color highlighting of folders/links,
  • Fields for comments, ratings, etc.,
  • Secure encrypted password safe with automated password control for auto website log-on.

Its even available in a portable version!

I was very impressed with this program, definitely the best bookmark manager I’ve come across yet. Multiple backups, option to encrypt the whole bookmark file, even configure certain sites to open in certain browsers. Lots more features than I can go into detail with here.

Like the sound of it? More information at the homepage here

Vidoop – Goodbye passwords?

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

At a first glance of the name, you’d be forgiven for guessing that this site had something to do with videos. It doesn’t. Vidoop is an online service that aims to let you log in to multiple sites without having to remember a password for each one. The difference between this and other password managers is how this is implemented.

Once you make a free account at Vidoop, (and install the optional firefox add-on), you will be given a selection of pictures with corresponding letters each time you want to log in to a website. You then type the corresponding letters to the pictures that match the topics you have previously chosen such as dog, flower, food, etc.

This aims to eliminate the need to remember passwords in a more secure way than conventional methods such as having your browser remember it for you or using password managers.

It’s certainly a unique idea but only time will tell if its a good one or not! Check it out for yourself here.

Password Agent – Keep it secret, Keep it safe!

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Password Agent is a useful program for anyone who has trouble remembering passwords. It lets you have a safe, secure place to save passwords and associated information.

Also you can use the built in password generator to make difficult to guess passwords for additional security. No need to worry about forgetting these yourself, as you can store them in the program of course. They’ll be safe as the program supports strong 256-bit encryption, so your info is only accessible by your master password, just make sure you don’t make that one too hard for you to remember or to easy for anyone else to guess!

It also works as a place to safely and privately keep general notes. I like how the whole program is also USB thumbdrive compatible so you could use this on any computer!

Some features:


Xizzo – Keep your passwords safe

Friday, September 21st, 2007

xizzo.jpgEver wonder how you’re supposed to remember the password to both of your emails, plus your online banking account, plus your favorite forum? The solution to your problem is Xizzo. Better than just writing all of your passwords down on a piece of paper that might get lost, this program allows you to store your passwords in an encrypted file on your computer or on a removable device.

Designed to keep your passwords safe and still offer you convenience, this program allows you to enter any password with a simple click of the mouse. This way you don’t have to worry about losing your passwords. Plus, Xizzo comes with an automatic logout feature so you can walk away from your computer and not worry about your passwords getting out. Not to mention the auto-generator, which allows you to generate completely random passwords without having to think of something clever on the spot.

This program has also been created to be very personalized to do exactly what you need. You can now save your passwords to a USB card, change the look of the screen with the all new skins, and add special characters to your password to make them even harder for other people to figure out.

If you’re one of those people with 27 email addresses and a dozen forum memberships, this is the program for you. Whether you need more creative passwords or just a new way to remember them, Xizzo is a simple way to keep all your personal information safe and easy to remember.

Keep your passwords safe by downloading Xizzo from

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